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A Mylanta Miracle

Sep 11, 2000
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Pros:It brings relief

Cons:I didn't know sooner

We all know Mylanta liquid is used for indigestion, sour stomach and heartburn. I have used it for heartburn in the past and sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn't. I also wanted to tell you about a combination of Mylanta and Benadryl that works wonders. So I have to combine the two in this review. Benadryl works for allergy symptoms such as, sneezing, watery eyes, runny nose and an itchy throat.

Last year when my daughter came down with strep throat, her Doctor gave her antibiotics. Well, after a few days, she was still suffering from pain in her throat and I couldn't get her to drink anything. We went back to the Dr. and she told me to get Mylanta liquid and Benadryl liquid. She said for me to mix equal parts Mylanta and Benadryl in a glass and stir very well. Then she said "have Jessie gargle with this a couple of times a day". I asked her why I would use those two ingredients, because I had never heard of them being used that way before. She told me this is what she used for herself and her children. She went on to tell me that mixed together they form a numbing agent. Just make sure you gargle with it and don't swallow it.

Well, we went home and since I had both in the house already, we mixed the two together. I had her gargle once and spit it out and then gargle again. She told me it felt a lot better. The great thing was that, she could drink liquids and didn't have that much pain anymore. I thought it was a "miracle mix". You know when your throat is really sore and you have to gulp and you push your head down towards your shoulders because of the pain ? Well, because of this gargling with Mylanta and Benadryl we didn't have to do that as often. It works great. I say "we" because I came down with swollen glands and a sore throat about three weeks later, and I remembered the mixture to gargle with and I can personally tell you "it worked wonders". Plus, I had Jessie gargle just before bed and it was a lot easier for her to fall asleep because of less pain.

Another use for this mixture is this, my other daughter had gotten a couple of cold sores and the Dr. said , mix the Mylanta and Benadryl the same way, and just dip a q-tip into it and dab it on the cold sores, :) it worked again. You know when you get a cold sore near the corner of your mouth and if you try to smile or sometimes, just talk, that "pulling sensation" that makes you feel like your lip will split ? Well, it moistens it enough so you don't have that. And most importantly , it stops the pain. We have also tried it on irritated gums, by dipping the q-tip into the mixture and rubbing it along the gum area that is inflamed.

I think it's a great mixture. We have even dabbed it on mosquito bites and little cuts that get "inflamed" and it sure makes for less pain. And less pain is always better. I used to use Chloreseptic Mouth spray and now I use only Mylanta and the Benadryl . I just wonder why the Dr. never mentioned it sooner. It really numbs the area enough to bring comfort for that sore throat.

Of course, you want to ask your Dr.'s advice before you use anything like that. As long as your child is old enough to gargle and not swallow, it will work little miracles like it did for us. But please, make sure you check with your Dr. first. Now I always have Mylanta and Benadryl in the house.

The length of relief depends on what you use it for and how bad it is.
I got the liquid Mylanta and Benadryl liquid at CVS for $4.99 each during a sale. I hope this helps someone. Good luck and feel better .

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