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Stacker 3 - Narcissistic Necessary Evil or Legitimate Weight Loss Product?

Sep 17, 2002 (Updated Jun 5, 2010)
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Pros:Provides what seems like unlimited amounts of energy!

Cons:You crash after 6 hours, jitters, anxiety, profuse sweating, expensive.

The Bottom Line: When used correctly it will cut cravings and slightly raise your metabolic level but you won't wake up the next morning looking like a supermodel.

Your metabolism can be your best friend or your worst enemy in the fight to lose weight. For years people believed all the hype that the food industry threw at them. From the Hollywood diets to the caloric restrictive plans, prepackaged foods to doctor supervised liquid diets - what it all boils down to is the number of calories burned verses what you are consuming. Those looking to boost their metabolism can go one of two routes, the natural way or the supplemental way. Much like everyone else on the planet, I look for the quick return on my efforts as well as my money. Seeing the bottle of Stacker 3 on the shelf at a local sports nutrition store I couldn't help but wonder if the little 20 count bottle would really be worth the price of $7.95. Half way through the bottle I'm here to give you the dirt on this product as well as a few words of warning.

What Is Stacker 3?

Stacker 3 is a metabolic enhancer that is designed to burn fat, increase your fat burning potential and cut hunger cravings. It is marketed as a herbal dietary supplement [as stated on the package] and contains the following ingredients:

Epherda Extract [25 mg ephedrine alkaloids], Kola Nut Extract which supplies 250 mg caffeine alkaloids], White Willow Bark, Grapefruit Extract and Chitosan [taken from shellfish]. Other ingredients include: Di Basic Calcium Phosphate, Stearic Acid, Magnesium Stearate, Gelatin, FD&C Blue #1, FD&C Red #3, FD&C Red # 40 and Titanium Dioxide.

Since straight ephedrine is no longer legal to be sold within the confines of the United States, this is an extract of the 'raw material'. Ephedrine was pulled off the shelves due to the widespread manufacturing of methamphetamine [crystal meth, meth]. Ephedrine was sold over the counter under various names including Mini Thin, Bolt, XS-NRG [excess energy] etc. Any ephedrine-based products are now either mixed with Guaifenesin or in an extract form. Any way you look at it, it's not the old form of Ephedrine. Any site claiming to still sell Ephedrine is either operating outside the United States or is falsely advertising the product. There are certain exceptions to this law, for example Ephedrine is still legally sold and marketed as a bronchodilator and is marketed under the name Ephedrine HCL. Laws do vary from state to state so please do your research before you attempt to purchase any pure ephedrine product.

Meet The Freak

Since each person is different, each person's reactions to supplements will vary. Take into consideration you intake of caffeine enhanced beverages, height, weight, muscle mass and overall health before you fork out the cash for these little devils or you might just find yourself on your knees praying for the jitters to go away. I have taken almost all the metabolism boosters, weight loss enhancers and carbohydrate blockers on the market so I consider myself to be well versed in the do's and don't of the game. I am 5'11 inches, 207 pounds, 13% body fat and according to every weight chart out there I am obese. What the chart fails to take into consideration is the fact that I lift weights, have an athletic build and partake in cardio-active exercise for 45 minutes each and every day. By all accounts I am not fat, I have a nice set of abs and there aren't flaps of fat hanging from my arm. But still, say you are a female and weight 207 pounds and see the reactions you get from most people.

I am only providing this information so that you can see the way Stacker 3 reacted to me - moreover - my "large frame". To say that these are powerful is an understatement. If you have tried Stacker 2 and found that you had the jitters, excessive sweating, agitation, irritability, cramps, a feeling of severe exhaustion or panic attacks then you should steer clear of Stacker 3 as well as Stacker 4. I don't even want to think what this product would do to someone thinner, shorter or having less muscle than me.

My Stacker 3 Experience

The first pill that I took was in the mid afternoon. It was a warm day in the mid 90's so I knew that at the first sign of profuse sweating I'd have to up my water intake. About 20 minutes after taking the Stacker 3 I felt it start to kick in. The initial stage of 'euphoria' lasted about 30 minutes before it tapered off to a nice "clean high" [no jitters, shakes or pacing]. This lasted about 4 hours however I didn't have anything to eat other than a protein shake [water, ice and low carb protein powder]. I went to the gym, had a great work out and left feeling like I was a million bucks. About five hours after ingesting the pill I started to feel the effects wearing off, but not in a pleasant way. Moody, starting to feel waves of hungry crash around me and sitting in soaking wet clothes I made my way home. Even after eating a chicken breast, half can of tuna and three hard-boiled eggs I still felt miserable. Grabbing a half-gallon of ice water I retreated to the couch to try and gain some mental ground of the severe case of the crabbies. It took a good two hours for my body to fully adjust to being off the Stacker 3 and let me tell you - I slept like a log that night.

Subsequent uses of Stacker 3 yielded almost the same results but none were as severe as the first time I took it. Since then I have learned the trick to using this product effectively and to avoid most of the side effects. I eat a small high protein meal at least 30 minutes before talking it, eliminate all caffeinated beverages [including iced tea], check my heart rate regularly, avoid taking it if overly tired and avoid extreme cardiovascular activity. Also, since I sweat like I am in the middle of the desert I try to avoid taking this on days when it is hot or there is high humidity.

Things To Know

Stacker 3 does not come in a childproof bottle. If you have small children in your house please treat this product as you would any medication and keep it as far out of reach as possible.

Please read the entire label before using this product. To read all of the manufacturers warnings it is necessary to peel the label off of the bottle. Please make sure you reaffix the label so you know the proper contents of the container.

The claims made by the manufacturer have not been evaluated by the FDA. The recommended dose of Stacker 3 is one capsule after a meal and no more than three capsules per day. It is not recommended that this product be used for more than a 12 week period.

If you notice any signs of heart palpitations, blurred vision, inability to communicate clearly, light headedness or severe anxiety you should contact your doctor. If you plan on using this product it is a good idea to let someone know in case something happens, they will be able to provide all the information necessary to ensure you receive the proper treatment.

This product contains Chitosan, which is extracted from shellfish. If you have an allergy to shellfish please do not use this product. There are other products available from NVE Pharmaceuticals that do not contain Chitosan so please explore those other avenues rather than Stacker 3.

You should avoid taking this product to stay awake. While it might feel great for a few hours you will pay the price when it starts to wear off. You will 'crash' [come down off the product] hard and find yourself exhausted to the point where you could put yourself in danger if operating machinery or driving a vehicle.

This product is not to be sold to anyone under the age of seventeen. This does not mean that the product won't find its way into the hands of teenagers. If you have a teen that is an athlete and is trying to lose weight please discuss with them the dangers of using these types of products in conjunction with a strenuous athletic schedule.

The Urban Legends

I am sure that every person has heard about the football player that died from taking an ephedrine based product or the tall tale of the person that became addicted to Mini Thin's and had to go to a drug rehabilitation center to Detox. While I am not saying that this product is not going to give you a rush I will defend it in saying that the manufacturer does give an ample amount of warning on the label. How you choose to ingest the product is on your own conscious. Alcohol is sold over the counter to those who are of legal age to purchase them yet no one seems to care that people are drinking themselves to death due to excessive use. If you take more than the recommended dose then you are playing with fire and in this case I can say with utmost certainty - you will get burned.

In most cases the athletes that have died as a result of using stimulants were abusing them to such a point that their internal organs showed signs of damage when an autopsy was performed. To do this much damage one must abuse the product on a daily basis and in large - almost obscene - amounts. Anything indulged in excessively can be potentially fatal.

This Is Not A Miracle Drug

I almost fell over when a girl at the gym was in tears after dieting for a month and gaining three pounds. Looking over her carefully planned diet I saw she drank two glasses of orange juice a day, ate one baked potato every other day and indulged in pasta, rice and garlic bread. Gee, I'm not a brain surgeon but even I could see her nutritional potholes. She was taking in so much sugar from the juice [as well as the fruit] without burning it off through out the day. Same with the carbohydrates. I am a low carb person due to my physical composition but I don't try to force my lifestyle down anyone's throat. However, this girl was an emotional wreck due to false information given to her by a personal trainer*.

This person had a gym bag full of products; from Hydroxycut to Thyrolean, sugar blockers, carbohydrate blockers and everything in between. She was putting all her faith into these little pills and capsules and not enough faith in herself. She did 30 minutes of cardio-active exercise each evening and started to add free weights to her regime. Even so, her small frame of 5'3 couldn't handle the 160 pounds she was carrying without putting a severe dent in her self-esteem. She counted on these little magic pills to cover up the candy bars, pieces of cake and bowls of ice cream and sadly folks, these pills work but only if you put effort and work into the process as well.

Company & Contact Information

NVE Pharmaceuticals
33 Newton-Sparta Road
Newton, New Jersey 07860
[800] 526 - 4387


The Bottom Line

When used properly Stacker 3 will yield some very nice results providing that you keep up your end of the deal. Popping a pill and thinking that it will melt the fat away is a pure fallacy. If that were the truth there would be no obesity, there would be no over weight people and there certainly wouldn't be a health club on every other block. Proper nutrition, exercise, knowing your limits and plenty of recover time are all keys to achieving and maintaining your target weight.

If you are serious about losing weight, consult your doctor to have your current state of health assessed. Most people laugh at this and think it is a joke or something that is placed on a bottle as a legal loophole so they won't be held responsible if someone falls over from a cardiac arrest while walking on a treadmill. It's better to invest in a 30 minute doctor visit to get the green light to start a diet than to even explore the ramifications of what could happen otherwise [heart attack, dehydration, organ damage].

As always, thanks for the visit!

^V^ Freak ^V^

© 2003 Freak369

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