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Banned In Three States, Yellow Swarm Delivers Power With A Venomous Sting

Mar 29, 2004
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Pros:Effective for quick energy as well as fat burning properties.

Cons:Can give some the jitters, illegal in some states.

The Bottom Line: April 11 is fast approaching ... get it before it's gone!

With all the controversy about ephedrine, ephedra and all the combinations of ephedra based products, it comes as no surprise that – once again – lawmakers are protecting us from ourselves by making it illegal to purchase any product that contains ephedrine / ephedra in the state of California. But please, don’t feel left out because before long, this will be a statewide common law. If you’ll allow my to drag out my soapbox for a minute and say this – more people went to emergency rooms for overdoses of aspirin, alcohol, prescribed medications, cough syrup and even marijuana than for any type of ephedrine or ephedra related complication. As I have said in all my reviews of weight loss supplements, when you take more than the recommended dose or don’t educate yourself – you are the one to blame if you stack it the wrong way. The label is there for a reason, if you can’t read it and follow it, chances are you shouldn’t be taking it. A majority of the ephedra and ephedrine related accidents that take place are from sheer vanity – wanting to lost weight quick regardless of the repercussions, which in some cases have been death. Deciding to supplement your workout with an energy enhancer isn’t something that you should take lightly, I stress this only because of the media frenzy that has been created over the past few years in regards to certain products and some unfortunate deaths that resulted as a use of them.

In California there is a situation where over the counter medications are being used in the manufacturing of methamphetamine [crystal meth, meth, crystal, rock etc]. This is one of the reasons why some over the counter medications such as Sudafed are now restricted to one or two packaged per person and must be requested for at the pharmacy. For a long time ephedrine was used in the manufacturing of meth and even though companies added products to make it less effective to break down for meth makers, they found ways around it. This is one of the main reasons why products with ephedrine were banned in California so please don’t think that the lawmakers have your best interest at heart, they are simply trying to limit the supply of raw materials used for illegal drug use. So how does that affect the average Joe Smith? It makes it harder to obtain things that are readily available in other states – effectively dictating which weight loss products can and can’t be sold. To me this is something that really goes against what America is all about – freedom to pursue happiness. The average bottle of Yellow Swarm runs about $10.00 - $15.00 for twenty capsules – it would be feasibly impossible for a drug manufacturer to purchase enough bottles to make the stuff and still make a profit. So, once again, before you sit there feeling all comfortable thinking that your local, state and federally appointed representative have your best interest at heart – they are simply trying to skirt the issue of illegal drug trade without have a clue about the products, prices or the root core of addiction.

NVE Pharmaceutical Yellow Swarm AKA Yellow Jacket

Since it is illegal to order, request or receive any products with ephedrine or ephedrine compounds in it in my state, I faced an uphill battle trying to legally get a bottle of this stuff and it wasn’t until one of Chris’ friends from Nevada came for a visit that I actually got to try it out. I had heard a lot of great things about it and was curious to see how it would stack up against one of my all time favorite, Stacker 3. Chris’ friend was here for about five days, during which time I was lucky enough to use Yellow Swarm on a daily basis – I mean, if you are going to try a product, you might as well go balls out and give it a true trial run. Since I’d already done some research on the product and knew what it was all about I felt pretty good about taking it before a workout – but – if you are going to purchase this please do some research about it and know what you are taking, the possible side effects and who shouldn’t take it.

Yellow Swarm could easily be called the “ECA Stack” – ephedrine, caffeine and aspirin – without the aspirin, but since they have “proprietary ingredients” you never know if some form of aspirin is in the mix somewhere. This is generally sold as both a weight loss / fat burning product as well as something that will provide you with a good, quick, fast acting boost of energy. The bottles are not safety sealed so if you have small children make sure that this is well outside of their reach. The capsules have an interesting yellow and black design to them, resembling that of a bee, which ties in to the name of it. These are sold in bottles of twenty capsules with the average price ranging from $9.99 to $14.99 depending on where you purchase them. The manufacturers, NVE Pharmaceuticals, are the same people that brought you the Stacker family of products as well as a whole new line of energy drinks.

What’s In Yellow Swarm?

Basically you are looking at a real powerhouse – caffeine, ephedrine, ephedrine compounds, kola nut and ginseng. The bulk of the ephedrine properties actually comes from ephedra extracts of leaves and stems of plants as well as naturally occurring alkaloids from the raw material. What makes it work is the combination of ingredients as well as the dosage levels, in a lot of ways this acts the same as Stack 3 to give you energy, boost your metabolism and burn off a little body fat. The caffeine [300 milligrams per capsule] might sound like a lot but when you look at a standard sized cup of coffee [eight ounces] has about 130 milligrams of caffeine – it’s almost like drinking two and a half cups back to back. This isn’t practical before a workout since chances are if you drank that much you’d be bloated and running to the bathroom every fifteen minutes. As a side note, if you are a vegan, this isn’t a product for you since the capsule is made of gelatin – if you aren’t a hard-core vegan you can remove the ingredients from it but most will pass on it all together since it was originally packaged in the gelatin casing.

How To Use It

Look at almost any weight loss supplement bottle and it was say to take after a meal. This makes it a rather pointless application if you are trying to lose weight. Per the bottle, take one capsule three times a day after meals. Bah I say, bah! To get the most from this you will need to play around a bit and your first few tries might not get you the best results. I took this on an empty stomach the first two days before my morning cardio workout and really felt it kick in after about twenty minutes. For me it was a good hit of energy but smaller folks may get hit a little too hard, peak from it in about 45 minutes then start to crash. If this is the case, try eating a small meal about a half hour before you take it – half a chicken breast or 4 ounces of a low carb protein shake should be enough to level off the effects when the supplement starts to kick in.

Since I used this for several days straight I saw the good and the bad of it. The good being the energy that it gave me to really push myself during cardio and weight training and the bad being the crash you feel about five hours after you take it. There are ways to get around the crash – the most obvious being to not take it. If you are going to take this make sure you have some type of food on hand to starve off the munchies that you will get from it. I suggest something that is high in protein [chicken, tuna, beef etc] and low in carbs so you the crash won’t be as massive. When you first start taking this you may feel the need to take a short nap when you start to crash – don’t fight it or try to take something else to stay awake, doing that will make the situation worse. If you experience any type of sleeplessness, anxiety, abnormal heart palpitations, restlessness, extreme mood swings or sudden depression discontinue using this product, it may be too strong for you or one of the ingredients doesn’t agree with you.

Things To Know

• This product is also known as Yellow Jacket. If you are going to order this online make sure you are getting a product manufactured by NVE pharmaceuticals – not some knock off company that simply buys bottles that are expired and repackages them. With the clock ticking and April 11, 2004 soon approaching, people are scrambling to get their hands on these products even if they are from less than reputable vendors.

• Do the proper amount of research before you purchase this and start to use it. If you have any type of heart trouble, do not use this. If you are currently taking any type of prescribed medication, consult your physician or primary care provider first. Anyone that has had any type of manic depression, anxiety attack or is being treated for ongoing depression should not take this product unless it is cleared by a doctor. Anyone with any type of cancer, limited kidney or liver capabilities or currently being treated for any stress related anxiety should avoid this and any type of stimulant. If you are pregnant or nursing, do not take this.

The Bottom Line

It seems a real shame that people have to be denied such a great product based solely on their location – if I hear one more person tell that that the restricted sale of this and other similar products is for my own best interested I shall proceed to bury my size eleven shoe deep into their colon. I am an adult, I know the potential consequences of taking a product like this [albeit in most cases only when abused] and choose to enhance my work out with a fat burning supplement. For me this was a great product that worked well to give me some extra energy but I cam see the potential for it to be abused by those who are looking to lose weight fast or are looking to shed some water weight before a competition. With all the good and the bad surrounding this product, and others like it, it seems that we no longer have freedom of choice when it comes to what we ingest … however ….

There is nothing stopping me from going and purchasing ten cartons of cigarettes and smoking them until I develop lung cancer.

There is nothing stopping me from buying ten cases of beer and drinking it until I develop liver or kidney failure or get behind the wheel of a care and kill someone.

But, god forbid, I want to purchase a product to burn off some fat … oh no, we have to save you from yourself!

If you are going to try and order this online make yourself aware of the laws regarding products that contain ephedrine. Some local areas are passing laws as we speak that make it illegal to even possess products that contain ephedrine or ephedra. If you live in California, Illinois or New York, you will have a hard time finding this locally [some stores stocked up before the ban and are still selling it under the “previously stocked” laws]. If you come across a vendor that is willing to ship it to you and you live in one of these three states you may just be ordering from someone who plans to rip you off [you will have no retaliation since you are basically committing a crime] or will be tangled up in an undercover investigation regarding the purchasing and shipping of illegal substances across state lines – the fancy term for that is called drug trafficking. No, that’s not a joke … it’s the plain truth. If you order it knowing it is illegal and someone shows up at your door to deliver it – there’s a good chance you’ll be questioned about it, have it confiscated and put through a ton of hassle. Yeah, tax dollars hard at work there huh???

As always, thanks for the read!

~^V^~ Freak ~^V^~

© 2004 Freak369

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