Nathanson Creek 1996 750ml Zinfandel White Wine

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Sonoma Valley Surprise: Nathanson Creek White Zinfandel

Dec 8, 2007
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Pros:Price, food compatibility

Cons:Lacks rich, creamy, texture, may be too sweet for some tastes, packaging

The Bottom Line: Flavorful, affordable, white zinfandel.

The Nathanson's were one of the founding families of the Sonoma Valley in California. The Nathanson Creek winery was established in 1997, named for the creek that flows through the Mayacamas Mountains in the lush valley. The Nathanson Creek family of wines are produced using the "soft press" method, which makes them sweeter, and less acidic than some other varieties. The Nathanson Creek label includes Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sauvignon Blanc, White Zinfandel and Zinfandel.

In an attempt to widen my horizons, I had gotten away from my old standard, white zinfandel, trying different other wine varieties. Recently, however, I have decided to return to my original favorite, due to it's compatibility with a wide variety of foods. I was a bit surprised by the quality of this very affordable option.

Flavor and Characteristics

The Nathanson Creek White Zinfandel, is light in both color and texture, with a soft pink color and mellow flavor. It features a lightly floral scented, fruity bouquet. At 10.5 % alcohol by volume, it doesn't overpower the taste of food, and is a nice complement to poultry, fish, and, especially, all varieties of Italian dishes. It also makes a nice after dinner drink or apertif. I would not hesitate to recommend this wine to serve with holiday favorites such as turkey and ham. This wine retains it's sweet flavor without the bitter aftertaste that accompanies some varieties of white zinfandel, although it is not quite as rich and creamy as some other varieties such as the popularly priced alternative, Beringer. In fact, the taste may be bit too sweet for some drinkers, especially those who enjoy drier wines.

I would like to add one note of caution, regarding the packaging. The bottle is packaged with one of the new rubbery type corks that can be very difficult to remove with a standard corkscrew. It took me several attempts to uncork this bottle, which was a bit of an inconvenience.


Although Nathanson Creek White Zinfandel lacks the rich, creamy, flavor of some wines in it's category, it is a good choice for a moderately priced (under $7.00) white zinfandel. It is a reasonable alternative for the bargain hunter, and a choice I would gladly offer to guests at my table during the holiday season.

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Year: Non-Vintage
Winery Name: Nathanson Creek
Varietal: Zinfandel
Designation: table wine
Country: USA
State or Region: California
County or Appellation: United States
Price: 5.99
Wine Rating Scale: Drinkable

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