Nature's Way Health Genesis - Natures Way - Msm 1000mg - 200 Vegetarian Capsules Reviews

Nature's Way Health Genesis - Natures Way - Msm 1000mg - 200 Vegetarian Capsules

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Nature's Way MSM for Allergy Relief

Feb 20, 2010 (Updated Feb 20, 2010)
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Pros:Pure, vegetarian capsules, 1000 mg per capsule

Cons:Absolutely none

The Bottom Line: MSM is an amazing product, and Nature's Way works great for my allergies.

Quite a few years ago a friend who was selling health supplements told me about the benefits of a product called MSM.  It was fairly new back then, and I had never heard of it. 

MSM stands for methyl-sulfonyl-methane, and the Nature's Way version is an "OptiMSM".  It contains 1000 mg per capsule, and there are no artificial ingredients, preservatives, yeast, milk, lactose, wheat, sugar or corn.  The capsules are made from a vegetarian, plant derived substance.

The label reads "MSM is a latural sulfur compound that helps support healthy joint function.  OptiMSM is the patented form of MSM and is distilled for purity".

Sulfur is a water soluble, organic element found in nature as well as in the human body.  When the body is deficient in MSM, it does not heal wounds as quickly, leaves us with brittle hair and nails, and contributes to gastrointestinal problems.  Deficiencies in MSM is also  thought to contribute to arthritis, acne, skin rashes, memory loss, depression, and overall affects the bodies immune system.

I was skeptical about what I heard, mainly because my friend was trying to sell me something - they had something to gain by my buying MSM from them.  Then one day in a health food store some ladies told me that 2000 mg of MSM daily works wonders for fibromyalgia.  I located a small booklet called "MSM: On Our Way Back to Health With Sulfur", and it was an eye opener.

Since I was 19 years old I have suffered with seasonal "hay fever" allergies.  I went through 6 years of allergy desensitization shots, tried many prescription antihistamines, and when they didn't work I tried natural remedies such as bee pollen and liquid chlorophyll.  Those worked temporarily, but I was still desperate enough to allow my doctor to give me an "allergy shot" once or twice a summer.  It wasn't until two years later that I discovered these allergy shots contained cortisone, and they work by suppressing my immune system.  Hay fever allergies are caused partly by the bodies immune system over reacting to pollens.

Finally, I decided I had nothing to lose by trying MSM.  The first brand I bought was Dr's Best, but I had to take quite a few capsules to get my 2000 mg a day, and I don't like swallowing pills.  The brand I am taking now is this Nature's Best, and I love that I only have to take two capsules a day, since they contain 1000 mg each.

MSM works better when taken with vitamin C, and I did a detox with it (as recommended in my booklet) by taking up to 8000 mg a day to start, then tapered off.  It is totally safe and non-toxic in large quantities.  The first summer I took MSM when allergy season hit - but I didn't start it soon enough and it only gave me partial relief.  The next year I started taking 2000 mg in February, and breezed through the summer with almost no symptoms.  No itchy eyes, no sneezing, no itchy throat and ears.  It was blessed relief. 

I have had mixed results with MSM since that time.  When I get bombarded with pollens, such as spending 3-4 hours on a golf course on a windy day, I do get the itchy eyes.  But taking MSM has been a life saver and life changer for me.  Even my doctor noticed a vast difference in my health. 

Initially I was concerned about taking a sulfur product, because I am allergic to sulfonamide antibiotics.  According to the information in the booklet mentioned earlier, sulfa based drugs should not be confused with sulfur from MSM.  I have had no allergic reactions to MSM, yet it has been a wonderful source of relief for my seasonal allergies.

I am writing about my experience with Nature's Way MSM (as well as other brands in capsule form), in hopes that this product may help you as well.  Before MSM, my summers were filled with misery.  I felt like I had a bad cold all summer long.  If it weren't for MSM, I would never be able to spend hours on a golf course like I do now. 

A friend of mine started taking MSM for her allergies, and while she didn't notice a lot of improvement for them, the side effect she did gain was pain relief in her bad knee.  I have noticed that often times MSM is added to other joint supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin, and it helps many people with joint pain.

I don't recall what I paid for my Nature's Way MSM, as it was purchased a year ago about this time.  It was on sale and I bought a few bottles, but I have seen vast differences in price for MSM, from as little as $15 to as high as $30.  Check prices and look for 1000 mg capsules.

Here is to your health!  Thanks for reading.

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