Cora Jordan - Neighbor Law: Fences, Trees, Boundaries & Noise

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Help! My neighbor is a narcissistic jerk!

Aug 30, 2000
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Pros:You will acquire the information needed to defend your rights as well as your property.

Cons:You have a lot to read.

The dilemma

Have you ever had a neighbor who would just not leave things be? Well I have, and it’s not pretty! My next door neighbor has been a complete jerk ever since me and my family moved into this house! He has trees that hang over our home (including huge root systems that ruin our walkways), noxious weeds that spawn into our newly landscaped back yard, and dogs that poop everywhere (including my yard)... in fact the other neighbors and I have caught him letting his dogs defecate in our front yard quite often while on his nightly walk with them.

Imagine have just had new grass installed in your front and back water religiously as to insure that your lawn will be beautiful when established. All of a sudden you notice round, brown spots appearing everywhere along the edge of the lawn. Hmmmmm..... what could be causing that you wonder. Then you come home one day from the grocery store only to step in a huge pile of dog poop as you walk around your car to the walkway. Damn! By this time you realize that the urine and fecal matter is slowing killing your new grass. I really hate my neighbor.

It was about that time that I contacted my attorney to find out what I could do to stop this invasion, from a spiteful little person who obviously has nothing better to do in his life than make mine hell.

Words of wisdom from a great man

My attorney told me that this really is a touchy issue, and rarely does anything good come from sicking your lawyer on your neighbors, besides once he quoted me a $1000.00 retainer, I balked. Trust me, my neighbor is not worth half that to me. He advised me to purchase this book and “read it thoroughly” so I can prepare myself on what my rights really are. It would also only cost me $17.95 + tax.... so I decided to take his advice.

Ha ha ha I win

This book is great! I found out that he cannot (obviously) let his dogs defecate on my property intentionally, he must take care of any problems that his tree roots cause, my city does not condone noxious weeds in our community, and anything hanging over my property....I have the right to whack it off, just as long as I don’t kill the plant or tree. Ha! I win.

This book will not drop a miracle cure on your lap, but it will offer many guidelines for what is “normal” in most states, quotes court rulings on a wide variety of topics, will inform you on where to look for revised codes in your state and city codes, sample scenarios, how to sue in small claims court, mediation, legal research, and much more. It truly is a wonderful book.

Yes Doug, but is it really worth $17.95?

If you are having any problems whatsoever with your neighbors, you can find either the answer, or the guidance to fix/eliminate the problem in this book.

I have outlined chapter one, so as to give you an example of the thoroughness you can expect from this book once you purchase it.

Help for Common Complaints:

Local laws 1/2

Blighted property 1/3
Weeds, rubbish and garbage 1/4
Loud offensive language 1/4
Drug dealers 1/5
Animal problems 1/6
Residential only zoning 1/8
Vehicles 1/8
Outdoor lights 1/9

Subdivision rules 1/9

Approaching your neighbor 1/10

Using mediation 1/11

Suing your neighbor 1/11
What you can sue for 1/13
Suing a landlord 1/13
Neighbors banding together 1/14
What you must prove 1/14

At the end of each chapter, you will find endnotes on any and all noted cases within that chapter. It also covers spite fences, who owns a tree, boundary fences, damaged property, noise, trespass, easements, obstruction of view, unsound limbs and trees, and much more.

You can not go wrong with this book. It is informative, educational, and most of all user friendly. They also have a free website where you can look up a wealth of information regarding any state in the US. If you are being abused by your neighbors, or feel that your rights are being violated, this book is a must.

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