Neopets Limited Edition Plushie Shoyru (Speckled)

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If The Shoyru Is Your Favorite Species Then This Plushie Is A Must Have!

Aug 23, 2008 (Updated Aug 23, 2008)
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Pros:Awesome color, poseable wings, stitched eyes, great for plushie collectors.

Cons:Can be hard to find, lots of misinformation about them.

The Bottom Line: It looks nothing like the oddly colored die in the picture ...

Being a fan of both the Shoyru and Scorchio species at Neopets I am always on the look out for the plushie versions of them. Limited II is one of the local stores that used to carry the plushies in this series but they got rid of most of them to make way for the back to school items as well as the new series from Neopets. The Speckled version of the Shoyru is a little over seven inches tall but it looks bigger than that because of the wings. This is not the Baby version even though some of the features of it [mainly the eyes] tend to lead most people to think that it is.

Like almost all of the other Neopet plushies, this one has excellent stitching so you will never have to worry about the wings coming loose. The eyes are stitched on instead of cheaper versions that have plastic eyes. This makes it a lot nicer for kids to play with and reduced the chances of them biting or ripping something off of it. This only comes in one color, green, and there are some variations to it so not every Shoyru is going to have the same spots in the same spot. The belly, feet and small arms are the only areas that do not have the bubble or spots in the Speckled theme. If you've painted a pet with a Speckled paint brush at the site then you know that they all look alike, that isn't the case with the real world plushies.

Another perk to this is that it comes with a Rare Item Code [also called a Prize Code]. This allows you to redeem it for a cyber item. To redeem your Rare Item Code you will need to go to the Grundo Warehouse and enter it. You never know what you are going to get from it so just because you buy three of the same plushie or item doesn't mean you are going to get the same rare item three times when you redeem. I had a hard time entering it and had to send a NeoMail to TNT [The Neopets Team] about it. They asked me for some basic information about the purchase and sent me an item to replace the code that didn't work. TNT took about two days to resolve this issue so if you encounter the same thing, they will help you with your problems but don’t expect lightening fast replies.

On a side note, I had this happen with a few other "limited edition" plushies that I bought from this series so either the codes were bad or they were outdated and purged from the system. If you do get a code that doesn't work, don't throw it away. Even if someone else redeemed it and sold it to you as a 'new' item, TNT will more than likely give you some type of an item but please, don't try to scam them. If you redeemed it on one account and then used another one to try an redeem it again, they will catch on to it and freeze your account / accounts.

I paid nine dollars for this at a local toy store that sells a lot of other Neopet items. I wanted to get the Speckled version plushie before it became too hard to come across locally. If you are going to try and order this online be prepared for a lot of misinformation about it. Everything from size, color and features have been listed incorrectly about this very cute plushie so if you are thinking about getting it online you will want to deal with someone that knows exactly what they are selling, that it comes with an unredeemed code and is in mint condition. The code is one of the main selling points of the plushie but if you don't play at the site or aren't concerned with it, you might be able to get it for a few dollars less.

If you are a fan of the Shoyru and want to get some other great plushies, you can get this mid sized on in a variety of themes; Cloud, Fairy and Plushie are the three most popular but you can also get the basic ones like Green, Blue and Red. The Speckled one only comes in green and there are some variations to them so not every single one of them is going to look the same, that's one of the main reasons why its better to get this in a retail store than online. If you buy it locally you can check out the different designs that the Speckled plushies have and pick out the one that you like the most. Sadly, there is no real world version of the Tyrannian Shoyru Plushie. If you are going to order online be well aware that there are a lot of different Shoyru products in the plushie theme so make sure you read the listings and double check with sellers at auctions to avoid getting ripped off.

This makes for a great gift for anyone that is a fan of the website or the species. It looks exactly like its cyber counterpart and with a little bit of care it is something that is going to look great for years. Like the other winged plushies you do need to be careful with the metal wires that are inside the wings; if you try to bend them too much or are constantly playing with them, they will snap. That won't change the overall look of the plushie but hey, who wants a Shoyru with droopy wings?

Please note: The image shown here is not for the Speckled Shoyru.

As always, thanks for the visit…

~^V^~ Freak ~^V^~

© 2008 Freak369

Talking Shoyru Plushie
Red Shoyru NeoPen
Shoyru Collectible Figurine
"Shoyru Plushie" 94/140

Neopet Mc Donald's 2004 Plushie Collection
$10.00 NeoCash Card - $25.00 NeoCash Card

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Amount Paid (US$): 9.00
Type of Toy: Stuffed Toy
Age Range of Child: Whole Family

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