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Nestle Good Start Supreme Dha & Ara

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Nestle Good Start Supreme DHA & ARA: good starter formula, or breastfeeding supplement

Sep 23, 2003 (Updated Apr 5, 2004)
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Pros:Nestle finally has a formula with DHA & ARA, iron-fortified, "Comfort Proteins"

Cons:Currently seems to be the most expensive DHA & ARA formula out there

The Bottom Line: I would consider this middle of the road. I think it's better than Enfamil, but not as good as Similac.

My husband and I are first-time parents. We're still at that stage of "nothing is too good for OUR baby!" thinking. I'm sure at some point we'll "live, learn, and then get Luvs", but for now our little boy gets the finest things we can afford! This thinking applies to formula as well. Up until about six weeks ago, we'd been alternating between Similac Advance and Enfamil Lipil formulas. After we finished this last can of Enfamil, I decided once and for all, we are no longer buying that brand (read my Enfamil review to see why I don't like it). My sister-in-law had given us a can of the regular Nestle (aka Carnation) Good Start powder formula a few months ago. We used the can, but I hadn't purchase that brand since due to the lack of DHA & ARA in it. (DHA & ARA are fatty acids found in breastmilk that are important for a baby's brain and eye development). Then about six weeks ago, I noticed that the Super Walmart near us had a new Nestle formula: Nestle Good Start Supreme DHA & ARA. (I had been wondering how long it would take Nestle to get with the program and add DHA & ARA to their formula). Since I knew our son didn't have any problems tolerating the "original" Nestle formula, plus I had an $8 off coupon, I decided to buy the new Supreme formula.

What exactly is in this?

Nestle Good Start Supreme DHA & ARA is a new milk-based powder formula from Nestle, for babies between 0-12 months of age. This formula includes DHA & ARA, iron, and Nestle's "Comfort Proteins". Nestle's Good Start website states: Good Start Supreme formulas start with 100 percent gentle whey proteins and then take the extra step to break them into smaller pieces to be easy to digest. These proteins are called 'Comfort Proteins' and only Good Start Supreme formulas have them." Nestle's website also states that the levels of DHA & ARA in this formula are "in line with the levels specified by the World Health Organization." The WHO specification for DHA level is .33-.35% (Nestle has .32%) and the ARA spec level is .65-.70% (Nestle has .64%). (For the record, the DHA & ARA levels in Enfamil Lipil are the same as Nestle's, while Similac Advance has .15% DHA and .40% ARA.) I'll list the ingredients and nutritional info at the bottom of this review.


This info is on the back of the can: Good Start Supreme with Comfort Proteins is a routine formula. If you suspect your baby is allergic to milk, use only under a doctor's supervision. As with any powdered infant formula product, use with immunocompromised infants is not recommended.

How often are we buying this stuff, and, Are we broke yet?

I've been buying the 25.7 oz (1.6 lb/728 g) cans of powder formula. Each can makes approximately 186 fl oz (1.4 gal) of formula. My son typically drinks 8 oz of formula at each feeding, so this can makes 20 (give or take) bottles for him (we also put a scoop of formula in his cereal) and probably lasts about 5-6 days. This formula is a couple of dollars more expensive than Similac or Enfamil. The Nestle costs us approximately $22.50/can, vs. $20/can for the other two. I imagine that's because it's new, and once it's been out awhile, the price will (hopefully) get lower! You can also find Nestle Good Start Supreme DHA & ARA in Ready-to-Feed and Concentrate. I haven't purchased the Ready-to-Feed or Concentrate...I'm pretty sure they're cheaper, but won't last as long as the powder.

Directions for Use:

The directions for preparing formula are on the back of the can, but I'll roughly go over them here. Obviously you should use a clean bottle and nipple each time. The can states to boil the water for the formula, then cool to 100 degrees F. Honestly, we never boil the water...(I know, I know) we just use the water in our filtered water pitcher. Seeing as our son has been steadily gaining weight, this seems to be fine. However, I would recommend asking your pediatrician about the need to boil water - some areas have highly contaminated water supplies! Anyway, pour the desired amount of water into the bottle, and add one unpacked level scoop (which is enclosed in the can - you have to punch it out of this plastic frame though) for every 2 fl oz of water. Cap the bottle, and shake until all formula is dissolved. (One thing I have noticed - unlike Similac and Enfamil, Nestle formulas don't develop a huge layer of foam in the bottle. When you're done shaking the bottle, it's all formula, not 6 oz of formula and 3 oz of foam!) If there is any formula left over after feeding, throw it out! Never heat baby formula in a microwave - it can cause hot spots that could burn the baby! Storage: Refrigerate and use prepared bottles within 24 hours. Tightly cover open can and use within one month. Store open and unopened cans in a cool, dry place. Avoid extreme temperatures.

Well, how does our son like it?

Our son, fortunately, doesn't seem to be very picky yet. When it's time to eat, he doesn't seem to care what brand of formula is in the bottle, as long as he can eat it. No digestion spitting up any more than usual, or excess gas. However, my husband claims that this formula has turned our son's poop blue on a couple of occasions. I personally haven't noticed this, but my husband thinks I'm somewhat colorblind, so maybe that's why I haven't noticed! And unlike the Enfamil, Nestle Good Start Supreme DHA & ARA doesn't make his diapers smell worse!

Ingredients: (taken from Nestle's Good Start website)

Enzymatically Hydrolyzed Reduced Minerals Whey Protein Concentrate (From Cow's Milk), Vegetable Oils (Palm Olein, Soy, Coconut, Safflower), Lactose, Corn Maltodextrin, and less than 1.5% of: Potassium Citrate, Potassium Phosphate, Calcium Chloride, Calcium Phosphate, Sodium Citrate, Magnesium Chloride, Ferrous Sulfate, Zinc Sulfate, Sodium Chloride, Copper Sulfate, Potassium Iodide, Manganese Sulfate, M. alpina Oil*, Vitamins (Sodium Ascorbate, Inositol, Choline Bitartrate, Alpha-Tocopheryl Acetate, Niacinamide, Calcium Pantothenate, Riboflavin, Vitamin A Acetate, Pyridoxine Hydrochloride, Thiamine Mononitrate, Folic Acid, Phylloquinone, Biotin, Vitamin D3, Vitamin B12), C. cohnii Oil**, Taurine, Nucleotides*** (Cytidine 5'-Monophosphate, Disodium Uridine 5'-Monophosphate, Adenosine 5'-Monophosphate, Disodium Guanosine 5'-Monophosphate), L-Carnitine.

* A source of arachidonic acid (ARA), naturally found in breastmilk.
** A source of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), naturally found in breastmilk.
*** Naturally found in breastmilk.

Nutrients per 100 calories (5 fl oz, prepared as directed): (info also from the website)

Protein.....2.2 g
Fat.....5.1 g
Carbohydrate.....11.2 g
Water.....135 g
Linoleic acid.....900 mg

Vitamins: (as listed on the Good Start website)

A.....300 IU
D.....60 IU
E.....2 IU
K.....8 mcg
Thiamine (B1).....60 mcg
Riboflavin.....140 mcg
B6.....75 mcg
B12.....0.25 mcg
Niacin.....750 mcg
Folic Acid (Folacin).....15 mcg
Pantothenic acid.....450 mcg
Biotin.....2.2 mcg
C (Ascorbic acid).....9 mg
Choline.....12 mg
Inositol.....18 mg

Minerals: (as listed on the website)

Calcium.....64 mg
Phosphorus.....36 mg
Magnesium.....7 mg
Iron.....1.5 mg
Zinc.....0.8 mg
Manganese.....7 mcg
Copper.....80 mcg
Iodine.....12 mcg
Sodium.....24 mg
Potassium.....100 mg
Chloride.....65 mg

For more information, and where to buy:

Visit Nestle's Good Start website at or call 800-777-7690 (Mon-Fri, 8am to 8pm ET). Nestle offers a free monthly subscription to their "Very Best Baby Collection"; each issue includes age-specific pregnancy and baby information, money-saving coupons (so far the issues I've received have each included $1 and $8 off coupons), recipes, and more. You can sign up through the website or call the 800 number above. As far as where to buy Nestle formulas...most grocery or discount stores (Target, Walmart, etc) probably have the regular Good Start formula, but I have only seen the DHA & ARA formula at my local Walmart so far. You can buy it from though (there's a direct link on

Oh yes, thanks to Marytara for adding this to the database for me! :)

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Thanks for reading!

© MH 2003

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