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New Balance LD1006BG Track Spikes ; for Men

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Worth Every Penny, Second

Sep 2, 2011 (Updated Sep 8, 2011)
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Pros:So many, here's the big three: Light, versatile, and comfortable

Cons:Watch out for the achilles!

The Bottom Line: One of the best spikes and for the 10k runners out there looking to use the same spike for multiple distances, there may be no better choice.

I tried for a long time to stay away from the sneaker game, but as you can see from my last review, that may no longer be an option. Luckily, it pays (to an extent) to be something of a shoe connoisseur in track, where foot injuries are among the sport's greatest impediments. Even so, I recommend the New Balance LD1006BG (which I will refer to as the LD100) not for its ability to prevent injuries, but for its ability to enhance performance and confidence.

When it comes to buying a pair of trainers, choosing the shoe that best suits one's stride and pronation is the way to go, for hundreds and sometimes thousands of miles are run with that shoe. For a lightweight spike like the LD100, those factors become less important as spikes are worn, at most, three times a week (if one wears them for workouts) and for much shorter distances. Therefore, the runner is free to choose the speediest spike on the lot.

And the LD100 is right there among the best - not the premier shoe on the market, but certainly in the top five.

In terms of versatility, however, the LD1000 may take the gold. The shoe can be worn for a wide range of distances - from the 800 to the 10k. Even more impressive, the LD100 is a respectable option for each distance - and not just one that dabbles. Think a Bernard Lagat-like versatility (who races and wins at a variety of distances) over someone like Michael Jordan (best basketball player ever, minor league baseball player). With that being said, this is primarily a 5k-10k runner's shoe. Though it performs admirably in shorter distances, there are better/more lightweight options out there for those events. The fact that the LD100 is even considered a decent 800 shoe is a testament to it's rare combination of lightness and stability. Running that three mile or six mile race with these shoes will keep you feeling light while giving you some sense of support. Additionally, this is a shoe of comfort! I won't ever be able to go back to the 20-30 dollar spikes I used to live on in my early college days.

Adding to its tremendous versatility is the fact that the LD100 can be used for cross country as well. That's huge. Though it's advertised as a track spike, it's also finely suited for the rougher terrain of xc. I set some huge prs this year, and I have to give some of that credit to the lightness, comfort, and stability of these LDs. My feet just felt so comfortable out there. When you're running 5 or 6 miles as fast as you can, that's just one less thing to worry about. Kudos.

I didn't open this review just so I can flirt with the LDs in 500 words or less, though. There are a few drawbacks to this elite (oh stop it!) shoe. Sure, it costs around 60 dollars, but that's to be expected for a product of high caliber. The major area of concern I have is also a strength - the LD's low weight and comfort. For the first time  in my running career, I suffered a series of minor Achilles injuries following my indoor season. Because track spikes tend to stress the legs more - in particular the Achilles - I have to attribute some of this injury to the LD100's. Granted, I was running workouts in spikes for the first time. My advice: don't let this small personal story prevent you from buying these shoes. Rather, ease into wearing spikes in workouts - especially if you aren't used to it and even more so for ones as light as these.

What more can I say except for this final piece of semi-related advice: Those of you who entered the running game late or don't consider yourself serious, pick up a pair of spikes. Aside from making the race that much more exhilarating, they are quite a sleek piece of equipment - a great way to legitimize a new apartment. And if you've got the funds, why not the LDs?

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