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Ninjatown is a fun, themed, real-time defense game for all ages.

Dec 12, 2009
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Pros:Fun game, catchy soundtrack, Business Ninja rocks (of course)!

Cons:To short, no free play modes

The Bottom Line: Ninjatown for the Nintendo DS is a fun, realtime strategy game with funky layered graphics and an even catchier soundtrack.

For me, Ninjatown is a game that I play to lift my mood.  After playing one of the quick 5 minutes stages, the background music is stuck in my head and the comical characters leave a smile on my face. 

Playing the game Ninjatown is quite simple.  You build huts with small amount of cookie funds at the start of each level.  Once a hut is complete you are given one or two ninjas (depending on the type of hut) and they will work with Ol’ Master Ninja to defend the town.  You are given a range around the hut that you can place the Ninja’s.  If you upgrade the hut with more cookies, the ninjas have a broader attack range and gain strength.  A whole set of modifier buildings are included in the game as well.  The modifier buildings upgrade ninja abilities or help you gain more cookies.  Of course, the primary way to get more cookies is to kill the enemies.  From here the gameplay is tweaked with a special power meter that the Ol’ Master Ninja uses.  Once full you have a whole suite of special skills to use against enemy invaders.

Ninjatown has a rich plot line featuring Ol’ Master Ninja organizing the defense with his team of ninjas and builders.  The dialogue is fun to read as he consults with his ninja consultant and business ninjas who advise him and you on all aspects of gameplay.

You are going to find a wide variety of characters in this game that will keep your interest all the way to the last stage.  Another strength of the game is the ability to replay any completed level.  Levels are grouped in fours in places called districts.  The available districts in this game are:  Suburbs, Town Square, Dark Forest, Business District, Shipping Lanes, Farmlands, Foothills, Farmlands, Feroshi Mountains and The Ovens

Best Ninja Character In The Game
As an example of the comedy in this game, there is a ninja called the Business Ninja.  Like me, he is infused with years of caffeine addition to give him faster attack speed.  He is grey in color and wears a striped tie that sways around while fighting.  While of course, business ninjas to do not posses great attack damage ability, they still use a cel-phone to deliver a huge blow.

One Of The Most Evil Ninjas In Ninjatown
Rumor has it that the Business Ninja has an arch enemy who could make General Motors and Enron executives tremble with fear.  The Business Devil carries wears a tie and carries a massive brief case that some say is filled with stolen cookie recipes.  He moves quickly and will not let anyone get in his way.  Only a Business Ninja can slow him down with productivity reports and some say Dynamics AX cost accounting numbers. 

The in-game graphics are layered similar to what you may find in a typical Flash game on the internet.  As a result, you get crisp rendered lines and symmetrical shapes that look better than traditional sprite based video games on the handheld gaming systems.  With a good screen, like the one on the Nintendo DSi Matte Black Console, you are going to really enjoy playing this game.  I enjoy trying to swarm the screen with ninjas and see all the punching effects in this seamless, high frame rate video game.  Great job SouthPeak games!

POW!  BAM!  ~with melodic, ninja infused background music~

The heart of this game is the cool, ninja inspired sound effects that occur when dozens of characters are on the screen!  One odd fact is that the game will not allow you to adjust sound effect or background music levels.  As a result, I often play the game with Beats By Dr. Dre headphones so that I do not disturb anyone with all these cool fighting sounds.

You can play multiplayer with this game which is very fun because you can extend the enjoyment of this game beyond the preset maps and conditions that are already in place.  The game is just as smooth and the rules are quite interesting for multiplayer gameplay!

Ninjatown Cheats And Game Play Strategies
An unlimited cookie or invincibility cheat would be desired by many players of this game.  However, there are currently no cheats available at this time for the game Ninjatown.

A Ninjatown cheat instead becomes completing the earlier stages to accumulate the various tokens which are unlocked as you play the game.  After you replay any stage, a spinning wheel gives you a random choice of all available tokens.  With a set of accumulated tokens, you can then battle the later stages with greater effect. 

My key gameplay strategy is to use the Anti-Ninja at map entrance points to act as a blocker and get the benefit of his powerful hit.  Once the other ninjas on the map are upgraded they can usually reach this point as well so the bottleneck for the invading devils is the start of the map!  If the devils do get by, they are meet with fierce resistance from a few well placed

Product Details
Release Date:  October 28, 2009
Genre:  Real-time Strategy
Platform Compatibility:  Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi
Producer:  SouthPeak Games

Ninjatown for the Nintendo DS is a fun, realtime strategy game with funky layered graphics and an even catchier soundtrack.  Nintendo has an exciting lineup of defend the castle style games on the market today.  The genre is expanding with titles like Desktop Tower Defense or Lock’s Quest but none of those currently available have the themed content or storyline of Ninjatown.  For this and all the reasons stated above, I would recommend giving this game to anyone who owns a Nintendo DSi

You can purchase this title for a wide range of prices brand new from online or traditional stores in your town.  Yet since this is just a game cartridge, you can save a lot of money by buying this game from Ebay used.  I paid $20 for my copy of Ninjatown as part of an auction.

In all, I would give Ninjatown two thumbs up.

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