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Nintendogs: Chihuahua & Friends (Nintendo DS, 2005)

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Nintendogs Chihuahua & Friends

Oct 18, 2007
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Pros:cute puppies,fun,graphics,sound, fun gameplay


The Bottom Line: The best way to learn the responsibility of taking care of a dog.

I have always loved cats and hoped I could have my very own cat someday. From time to time I have thought about wanting a little puppy. When I heard about Nintendogs I thought it would be the closest I could get to a real puppy. There were three versions I could choose from and I chose Chihuahua & Friends. When I started playing Nintendogs Chihuahua & Friends I loved it. To find out more about this adorable game keep reading.


There really isn't any story in this game. Because all you are doing in this game is taking care of a puppy or puppies.


When you first start the game you visit the kennel where you can choose a puppy of your very own. You have a choice between six different breeds of puppies and they are Chihuahua, German Shepherd, Boxer, Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Yorkshire Terrier, and Shetland Sheepdog, and each puppy has their own personality. Once you choose your puppy you take it back to your home. Before you can name your puppy you have to get the puppy warm up to you. After petting your puppy a little bit the puppy will warm up to you. Now you can name your puppy. To name your puppy you have to say the name so your puppy can learn it. You need to keep saying the name until your puppy learns it. If you use a different tone when you are saying the name the puppy will get confused.

Once your puppy learns its name you will be prompted to write down the name before the puppy forgets it. After that the game prompts you to call your puppy so the puppy can get used to its name. After getting the puppy to come when you call it the game wants you to try and teach your puppy the trick sit.

To start teaching your puppy to sit you have to touch the puppy on the head and slowly drag down with the stylus. Then the puppy will sit down and a light bulb will appear in the right hand corner. When you tap that you clearly say sit or sit down. Just like when you were trying to teach your puppy its name you have to say the command more than once.When you finally teach your puppy to sit its time to see if your puppy will sit when you command it to. That was just the tutorial, now its time to start your life with your new puppy.

When you begin your life with your new puppy you are given some supplies to help you take care of your puppy. The supplies you get are categorized into seven different categories. The categories are: Sports, Toys, Accessories, Care, Music, Clocks, and Etc. When you begin your life with your puppy you are given some items to start with. These items are a: bottle of water, bag of food, tennis ball, bubble blower, modern clock, white record, collar, and some training books.

You can access your supplies at the home menu. The home menu is where you can access the details of your puppy. On the home menu is a circle that you can tap to call your puppy over to you. Also you can save when on the home menu. There is also the Go Out button. When you tap the Go Out button you are taken to the Menu. There are five icons on the menu you can tap. These icons ares: Shopping, Walk, Bark Mode, Contests, and Info.

The Shopping icon is what you tap when you want to go and buy more supplies for your puppy. When you tap on the Shopping icon you go to the screen that gives you a choice of going to Pet Supply which is where you buy more supplies, Second Hand Shop where you sell unwanted items, Kennel where you can get a new puppy, Interior Decorator where you can buy a new house, and Dog Hotel where you can drop your puppy off when you want to take a break from taking care of the puppy.

You tap the walk icon when you want to take your dog for a walk. When you take your dog for a walk you trace a line on the touch screen with your stylus. At the bottom is a bar that has a meter and it gets lower the longer the line is you make. At first your puppy won't be able to take long walks. The more walks you take the puppy on the longer the walks your puppy can take. While on a walk your puppy will go to the bathroom and you have to pick up after the dog or you will get a fine. Also your puppy will sometimes find presents on the ground for you. There will also be times when you will meet other puppies that your puppy could play with.

The Bark Mode icon can be tapped when you won't your puppy to interact with another players puppy. You can only do this when there is another person with Nintendogs near you. When leaving Bark Mode after meeting the new puppy you can get that breed of puppy added to the kennel if it isn't already in the kennel. You can even bring a supply to give to the other player as a present.

When you want to enter your puppy into a contest you tap the contest icon. There are three contests in all and they are: Obedience, Agility, and Disc. All three of these competitions are not that easy. You will need to train your puppy a lot before entering them in a contest.

The Obedience contest is where you win by getting your puppy to do the right tricks the best they can. To win these contests you will need to teach your puppy many different tricks. You will also need to make sure they will do the tricks when you command them to. Its also a good idea to make sure your puppy is clean before entering this contest. This is the hardest contest to win at.

The Agility contest is where you have your puppy run through an agility course the fastest it can. The main goal of this contest is to have your puppy complete the course the fastest it can and without making any mistakes. To train for an agility course you have to take your puppy to the gym. You can only go to the gym while you are on a walk with your puppy.

The Disc contest is where you have your puppy catch discs at certain distances. The farther you throw the disc and your puppy catches it the more points you get. To train for a disc contest you either practice at home or at the park. Of course like the gym you can only get to the park while on a walk. When going to the park make sure there are no other puppies at the park when you are wanting to practice disc catching.

The Info icon can be tapped to display info about you as the puppies trainer and all your and your puppies achievements of the contests you have been in.

There are a lot of things you can do to take care of your puppy. To pet your puppy all you have to do is touch the puppy with the stylus and rub the puppy by dragging it around. You will also have to give your puppy food and water. You will also need to give your puppy baths when they get dirty. You will have to buy a brush and lots of shampoo. There is a brush for long hair and short hair puppies. You need to make sure you get the right brush and that goes for the shampoo too.

To clean your puppy you rub the sponge with shampoo on it all over the puppy to clean it. After cleaning a bit your puppy will have white suds all over it. Then you have to rinse your puppy with water. You can also brush your puppy with a brush if you want to. Its good to brush your puppy's fur after giving it a bath. When your puppy isn't completely dirty but its a little dirty you just brush your puppy to make it clean again.

You can also play with your puppy with the toys you get. There are toys and balls you can buy to play with your puppy with. Oh yeah I forgot you can also play with your puppy with discs.


The controls for Nintendogs are real easy to learn. You only use the touch screen and the stylus when playing this game. You use the stylus to tap everything in the game and draw lines. Everything in the game takes place on the touch screen. All of the other buttons on the DS are not used in this game at all.


The graphics are like most other DS games. The puppies are so cute and realistic. The puppies can't be more realistic than this for a handheld game. Your home looks realistic too and your home will look even better when you can buy different interior designs.


The sound is really good too. The music is cute and soothing. Your puppy sounds so realistic when they back, yawn, and whimper. The sounds you get in the background like a car honking or a fire truck going by are realistic too.

Overall this game is real awesome and cute. I recommend this game to any dog owners and people who like dogs. I think all kids will really love this game too.

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