Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue

Apr 9, 2012
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Pros:Great Cameras, Internet Access, Amazing 3D Graphics, Access to Games and Applications via Nintendo eShop.

Cons:3D function only works at certain viewing angles, Headphone jack isn't very loud.

The Bottom Line: This is a great system, it is durable and has lot's of great features. This is the perfect gift for anyone who loves games!

This Nintendo 3DS Aqua Blue system is an essential to anyone who loves potable gaming. Even those that just enjoy casual games will surely love this system.
Some of it's interesting features include;
-Dual outer cameras(for 2D and 3D image capturing).
-Single inner camera.
-Controls: Control Pad, Control Stick, START, HOME, SELECT, A, B, X, Y, Left Bumper, Right Bumper, POWER, 3D Depth Slider, Wi-Fi ON/OFF.
-Access to Nintendo eShop.
-Full DS/DSi/3DS Game compatibility.
-Wi-Fi Internet access.
-SD Card slot(Includes 2GB SD Card).
-Retractable Stylus.
-Built-In Applications.
-Very light and portable system.

Built-In Cameras
The dual cameras on the back of the 3DS' top screen, allows the user to take pictures in both 2D and 3D. They also allow the user to take videos. The inner screen takes 2D pictures of the user, which can be used in compatible games(i.e. Face Raiders). All cameras have a 640x480 Resolution.

The 3DS controls are much greater than it's predecessors. It has the standard A, B, X, Y, LB, RB, Power, Start, Select and Control Pad buttons, along with a few new ones. The new controls include a 3D Depth Slider, Home Button, Control Stick, and a Wi-Fi ON/OFF Switch. This gives the user a much greater amount of control within games.

Nintendo eShop
The Nintendo eShop allows users to access hundreds of downloadable applications and games, as well as demos for Retail games. Applications include: Netflix, Nintendo Video, SwapNote, and a 3D Pokedex.

Game Compatability
The 3DS is capable of running titles, and eShop downloads, from both the original DS, and the DSi in 2D mode.

Full Wi-Fi Internet Access
The 3DS comes complete with easy-to-use built-in Wi-Fi, which can be switched on and off. When on, the user can access the Nintendo eShop, Plays games online with Nintendo WFC, and even surf the web with the built-in browser application.

SD Card Slot
The built-in SD card slot allows the user to expand the amount of downloads, music, video, and photos that can be stored. It comes with a 2GB SD card already loaded into the 3DS.

Built-In Applications
Some of the applications that come pre-loaded onto this awesome system are; Internet Browser, Game Notes, Friends List, Nintendo eShop, Face Raiders, AR Games, 3DS Camera, 3DS Music, and Settings.

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