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Luigi's Mansion [Player's Choice] (Nintendo GameCube, 2003)

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Luigi's Mansion Sucks (With a Vacuum) - Mario Sunshine Blows (Water)

Nov 16, 2002
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Pros:Graphics and that's about it

Cons:Don't go soiling your pants just yet...

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At last! After all these years of waiting, Luigi get’s his very own starring role, in hopes of coming out of Mario’s shadow. Truth is, Luigi has stepped out of Mario’s shadow, and stepped into a complete umbra of pitiful mediocrity. So why have we been anxiously awaiting Luigi’s title? Many of us, enjoy playing as Luigi in many games, most of which Mario is the big star. Before Luigi’s Mansion, he has had no game of his own, and us, as well as him, were expecting a nicely done title. So what did we get? A game of 2-hour longevity, a total kiddy rip-off from our friend; Resident Evil, and sorry excuse for a plot. Why does this have to be as bad as it is? Luigi can have a decent game of his own, can’t he? Sure he can, but Miyamoto doesn’t seem to think so. Apparently, he knew all of us wanted a Luigi-starring game. However he must have wanted to keep Mario as top-dog, and keep Luigi digging for scraps.

So what is the plot all about? Well, Luigi has just won a free mansion through a contest he didn’t even enter. Hearing the news, he instantly calls Mario to inform him of the news. Arranging a rendevous at the mansion, Luigi get’s lost along the way, and when he finally gets to the mansion, Mario is nowhere to be found. Not only that, but the mansion is worn-down and old, being in no comparison to the catalog’s picture. *Yawn. Anyway, when entering the mansion, and Mario nowhere in sight, Luigi decides to do a little exploring. On his entrance to the second floor, Luigi is instantly attacked by vicious ghosts. When all appears tragic, a weird little man comes in with a vacuum cleaner and saves Luigi. Escorting him to his lab, outside the mansion, he introduces himself. His name is Professor Elvin Gadd, and he studies ectoplasmic forces. He explains the weird mansion, and how it only appeared a few days ago out of thin air. With Mario in obvious trouble, Luigi decides to pack E. Gadd’s invention-the Poltergeist 3000-and suck the mansion free of ghosts. As we now see, ‘Mansion sucks, and ‘Sunshine blows. I see a pattern.

I had anxiously awaited the Mansion game since the GC release in November of 2001. It was my first GameCube title, and was long ago sent to Game X-Change, probably now being played by some poor sap that didn’t know what he was getting into, a lot like Luigi. Luigi has really bit off more than he could swallow, and now finds himself in the deepest reaches of back-shelf pity purchases. You can’t help but want to try this game, as it is a revolutionary title. My opinion is very simple yet complex: I hated this game for it’s lack of creativity, longevity, plot, sound, and GC worthy fun. I plead you to heed my warning: Luigi’s Mansion is not what you were expecting, and will deliver sad disappointment to any Luigi fan.

The only surprise found in this game is it’s lack of creativity. Other than that, if you consider a tarp-covered ghost a surprise, this is the game for you. The main weapon, the Poltergeist 3000, has no surprises of it’s own. Now, let’s say all you are good for is cleaning houses; Luigi’s Mansion is a successful training session. In Luigi’s Mansion, you suck up some ghosts, and on Mario Sunshine, you wash off tar. When it comes to Mario&Friends, Miyamoto is starting to lose creativity.

Graphics, however, deserve a full 5 stars. Everything in the game is very nicely detailed and polished. A GC-Miyamoto game is expected to have good graphics, and Luigi’s Mansion does an excellent job delivering. There is a big disappointment, however, in the graphics category; the ghosts. Everything in the game is awesomely displayed, but the ghost are just too cartoonish and lame. I don’t like to be fighting an orange, floating obstruct object (which can resemble a condom) throughout the whole game. The ghosts are something to laugh at, as they are so pathetically laid out.

Sound is a terribly hashed up element that needs to shut up. There is pretty much no music throughout the whole game, and the voices, as with ‘Sunshine, are ridiculous. I am getting really frustrated with Miyamoto in the sound, mainly because previous titles had such stellar compositions such as Ocarina of Time. All you hear throughout the whole game is some stupid, and horribly annoying ghost laughter, then a loud sucking sound as the ghosts perish, and then some. Sound is a no-brainer; 0 stars

Game design is just too familiar. Similar designs and levels are found in Resident Evil, a game that must be at least 3 times better than this re-hash of Luigi being a hero. The corridors are small and narrow, and the rooms themselves almost always contain some type of annoying ghost. Basically, you use a flash-light to stun ghosts, then use the R button to suck em’ up into the Poltergeist 3000. When it comes to Boo ghosts, you simply get in range and suck em’ up. I must really emphasize my harsh opinion on this game’s design and controls.

Good graphics.

2-player compatibility, good sound, plot, design, weaponry fun, decent controls, challenge, and a game-play time of over 2 hours.

Though I recommend you don’t even try this game, I will recommend you to play it with a guide. Don’t gather up an audience when playing this game, as it has a very low action factor.

For the time being, I would recommend Miyamoto to stop games that have anything to do with Mario OR his friends. I would especially recommend Miyamoto to never again make a Luigi-starring game. For now, I recommend Miyamoto to introduce Donkey Kong to GC in a big-name adventure game. Let’s look at the facts: Luigi’s Mansion - a Mario related game; failure. Pikmin - a non-Mario related game; instant success. Mario Sunshine - Mario BASED game; failure. Star Fox Adventures - a non-Mario related game; best title on the GameCube for now. So, I hope you all can do the math, because it seems Miyamoto has lost all creativity on Mario, and his little brother. Miyamoto, it’s time to stop it with your Mario games and start making installations to different series you’ve created. Zelda (which is expected to be a failure), Donkey Kong, and another possible Pikmin installation could really bring you up. Bottom line is that Luigi’s Mansion is a broken-down shack with nothing to offer. There is no way to get scared within, so spare yourself the trouble and stay out.

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