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Noah Illuminated Keyboard

Mar 16, 2011 (Updated Mar 16, 2011)
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Pros:Awesome Blue Illumination! Nice Black Keyboard Color! Slimline! USB!

Cons:Incompatibility Issues! Logic Issues! Layout Difficulty! Does Not Use Scissor Keys!

The Bottom Line: If your looking for an Illuminated keyboard for night typing, I would recommend the Zippy EL-730. This Noah keyboard could use some improvement.

Recently I purchased an illuminated keyboard from Zippy. If you recall, I did like the keyboard, and I was planning to get another one for my sister, when I found they were out of stock! Zippy carries a newer model now that can provide several many different illuminated colors. However, I didn't need that, I just care about one color, blue.

It has been over a month since I purchased that keyboard and they are still not in stock, so I assume they stopped making that model, which is unfortunate. Through some research, I came across a keyboard very similar, from Noah. The layout of the keys are somewhat different, this is what we thought of the keyboard.

FEATURES: " Blue Electro-Luminescent lighting panel that illuminates the translucent keyboard keys" " Simple green LED's for the Lock indicators (Num Lock, Scroll Lock, Caps Lock)" " On & Off Luminescence power switch" " Key lifespan: > 5,000,000 times" " Dimensions - Length 5.9 x Width 15.3 x Height 1.1 inch"

EXPERIENCE: One of the things I noticed right off the bat, was that the keyboard layout was a little different from the Zippy. For example, I would have rather preferred a full sized backspace key. Instead, the backspace key is the size of the standard letter keys. Where as the Zippy keyboard had a nice smooth bottom lip, this one is a bit steeper. In other words, the Zippy's design was a lot sleeker then this one.

When compared to the Zippy EL-730, this keyboard actually has stronger backlit illumination. In other words, even if there is light shining in the room, I will still see the illumination of the keys. At night, the blue backlighting is bright enough to see, yet not so bright its blinding. All the keys are illuminated, including the media keys!

Keep in mind that this is not a full size keyboard, there will be missing keys, that you will find on a full 101-key keyboard. However, this slimline keyboard is small enough that, it can fit on any small desk or table. The keyboard comes with feet extensions like all keyboards, and have rubber feet on the bottom to keep the keyboard from slipping.

The nice thing about the media keys, if you intend on using them, is that you can use them without installing drivers, which is a huge plus for most people! Overall the layout and feel of the keyboard is not too bad, however you are going to have to get used to the smaller keys, if you are used to full size. The keyboard is light, so you can easily move it without much trouble.

And now is where we get to the bad. Unfortunately, this keyboard is not fully compatible with all computers. When installed on my sisters older 32-bit computer, the bios hanged on post boot. This causes her to have to unplug the keyboard, wait for post boot to complete, then reconnect the keyboard USB connection. For most people, they would send this keyboard back because of that, so it looses a star there.

The other bad thing is apparently a logic issue with this keyboard. Every once in a while, the keyboard will automatically activate the "7" key, which will cause it to add numerous number 7's, which causes the computer to hang. To fix this, you have to actually press the number "7" yourself in order to get it to stop. Its not a physical issue, as the keys are brand new, nothing has been spilled on them, they do not physically stick. So it looses another star there.

While I would have preferred laser etched keys, for the price I paid, the stick on's are good. And while I would have preferred better quality scissor return keys, the button return keys allow for quieter typing, which is beneficial if you have a roommate.

CONCLUSION: The biggest selling point on this keyboard is the backlit illumination. I am impressed how it illuminates better then my Zippy keyboard. However, the keyboard layout could be improved. They need to go back to the drawing board to fix the logic issue, and incompatibility issues. The only reason this keyboard is getting 3-STARS, is because I actually can get it to work. Most people would have to return it however.

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