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Pros:Great initial build quality, top notch components, comfortable, and durable.

Cons:A tad pricey--but worth it in the long run.

The Bottom Line: If you want a pair of Cowboy boots that will last you a lifetime--you need to getcha a pair of these here Noconas.

There was a time in my life when the only thing allowed on my feet besides PF Flyers and Red Ball Jets were cowboy boots. As a youngster growing up in Texas in the 1960's it was almost unheard of to not at least own one pair. Usually we got a new pair every Christmas too!

There's a reason why you wear boots instead of shoes, and I assure you it has more to do w/comfort and utility than it does with dodging meadow muffins. (A colloquialism for cow poop.) Most people's heels may have a tendency to slightly blister on their first pair--"till they're broken in there pardner" but once they do break in--wow! You walk taller, prouder, and more comfortably. When I was growing up there were only 3 acceptable brands---Justin, Nocona, and the ones Grandpa made at his leather shop in Wichita Falls. (Those were always the best, but he needed to stick with making leather goods for customers just to make ends meet.)

I currently own these Noconas, and wear them mostly for C&W Gigs. People here in North Texas seem to have forgotten their roots, and unless you're on the Western Side of the Metroplex, Boots and Pickups aren't too welcome in the land of Italian Designer Shoes and Lexus Motor Cars. All that aside lets get to the quality build here. Due to the nature of said quality, break in time on these is pretty minimal, durability is nothing short of phenomenal, and overall comfort is exceptional.

What separates a Nocona from your standard issue poser? Let's start with the quality of the leather. It's top grade, weas like nothing else leather. The stitching is not only ornamental, but exceptioanlly well done.You won't be going around trimming loose threads in a few weeks with these babies. The innards are leather lined too! Once again, only the best. Very soft and very durable, and comfort is true to form.

No chintzing on the outside either. The heels and soles are leather, and the soles are stitched--not glued. Look at the quality and durability of the industrial strength thread too. Meanwhile, helping everything fall into place and last (no pun intended), the shanks are hand pegged and reinforced. Noconas may cost a little more, but a good fit will last a lifetime.

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