What's That Funny Squeaking Noise???

Jun 8, 2003 (Updated Jul 10, 2004)
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Pros:Teaches cause and effect, durable board book, attention grabbing illustrations, cute story


The Bottom Line: This unique book would make a cute addition to your child's library.

About This Book

Noddy's Squeaky Surprise is another book in the Noddy series created by Enid Blyton. This particular book is written by Gill Davies and illustrated by DRI Artworks.

I just love Noddy and the whole pretend world that he lives in. For those who aren't familiar with Noddy, here is a brief background. Noddy is a toy who lives in Toyland with lots and lots of other toys. All of these toys are alive and live in perfect harmony with each other and have fun adventures. Some of Noddy's toy friends are Big-Ears, Tessie Bear, Clockwork Mouse, Mrs. Tubby Bear, Mr. Milko and Mr. Sparks just to name a few.

One of the things I like about the Noddy books is that the illustrations are so bright and colorful and this book is no exception. Vivid primary colors in red, blue, orange, green and yellow, along with other colors, are used through out all of the illustrations. These bright colors grab my daughter's attention and keep her there looking through this book for quite a while. Because this is a board book, she can easily turn the pages without a problem and she can't destroy it either. As I'm sure most of you know by now from my other reviews, my 21 month old daughter is in a book ripping stage at the moment and thankfully, I don't have to worry about her ripping a board book apart so this one is perfect for her.

What is unique about this book is it's cause and effect appeal. This is a "squeaky fun" book and what that means is that a small plush Noddy is glued on the inside back cover of this book. The front cover and all of the pages of this book have a cut out in the middle of them, so that the plush Noddy is seen through all of them. One of Noddy's shoes makes a squeaky noise when you press it and you are instructed to press his sneaker everytime you read the work SQUEAK in the book. This shows my daughter cause and effect. She knows that every time she presses Noddy's sneaker, she hears a squeaky noise. Of course, she presses it over and over and over and over and just thinks it's the funniest thing.

I would say that this book would be suitable for ages 12 months on up. It's story is simple and fun and most children 18 months and up will understand it but because of the plush squeaky Noddy, I think children 12 months and up would just enjoy playing with it, whether or not they understand the story.

The Story

One day Noddy walks to town and on the way he hears a SQUEAK SQUEAK sound (now press Noddy's sneaker so you also hear a squeak!). He passes Big-Ears, who is riding his bike, and tells him he thinks his bicycle needs some oil because it's making a squeaky noise. As he continues his walk to town, he keeps hearing the SQUEAK noise and keeps making comments about it to the people he passes. Like he tells Mrs. Tubby Bear that her clothespins must be squeaking, and Bumpy Dog is wagging his tail so hard that it's squeaking. Noddy hears this noise all the way to town and it's bothering him very much because he can't tell where it's coming from. Maybe it's a door squeaking or could it be Clockwork Mouse making all that noise?? Finally, Big-Ears figures it out and tells Noddy that it's his shoes that are making that squeaking noise and that's why he kept hearing it every where he went. Noddy does a little dance, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, SQUEAK, and sure enough, it is his shoes making that noise!

See what I mean about it being a cute story? Your child may even be able to relate to this because many times new shoes squeak something awful! Think of the first day of school and hundreds of kids with new sneakers on walking the halls. Your toddler may be a little young for that now but you'll be preparing him for the future....LOL


- Cute story that is simple to understand
- Shows cause and effect
- Bright, colorful attention grabbing illustrations
- Sturdy and not easily destroyed
- Good size to take with you in the car
- Your child will have fun playing with this one
- Pages are easy to turn


- None



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