NordicTrack APEX 4100i (NTTL1890)

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Overall very good effort from NordicTrack

Jun 13, 2003
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Pros:large walking deck, strong motor, tons of pre set programs

Cons:a bit expensive, space requirements

The Bottom Line: This is a good treadmill for the walker or runner. With tons of extras and the ability to hold up to 300 lbs.

I have seen a ton of treadmills in my time. I have been a Sears employee for five years and have sold fitness equipment there every winter. I have always been impressed by the quality of treadmill that Nordic Track brings to the table. So when the new NT 4100i model was introduced I was excited to see what improvements were made from the previous model. Treadmills are a great way for people to get in shape. No matter how cold it is outside the treadmill will allow you to run or walk in the comfort of your own home.

Compared to other treadmills the NT 4100i is rather large. The console is black with the rest of the unit being a graphite color. One reason the treadmill is so large is because of the 20” X 55” walking belt. This is larger than most of the competitors treadmills as those are usually around 18” X 50”. This larger belt allows a person of almost any size to feel comfortable and not have to alter their stride to fit the treadmill. It adds an overall level of safety to anyone by not having to worry about hitting the front or sides of the unit while running. The walking deck is also equipped with Flexsteptm cushioning. This is a foam pad that is installed between the deck and the walking belt to give the user a softer feel. The padding allows for less impact on the joints and so you don’t feel as if you are walking on concrete. You can definitely tell a difference between a unit that has cushioning and one that does not.

The console is another great feature of the 4100i. For starters it has large buttons that are easy to see, and large LED readouts. You will have no trouble seeing at what speed you are traveling whether walking or at a full out sprint. When controlling the unit manually you have a choice of speeds from 0 to 12 mph. And the unit increases at .10 mph increments. This allows a person of any fitness level to find a speed that suits them. This unit also has power incline that adjusts from 0 to 12%. This increases a half a percent at a time. A feature I enjoy that Nordic Track added on their treadmills a few years back was the one touch speed and incline adjustment. On the console there are buttons with numbers for speed and incline from 1 to 12. If you don’t want to manually use the up or down arrows you can just touch the number of speed or incline you would like to be at and the treadmill will react. It’s a great feature for overall connivance. If you would like to switch up your workout a bit there are 20 pre set workout programs on this machine. These programs change the speed and/or incline at different intervals depending on the program. There are walking, jogging, and running programs on a variety of different terrains from track, road, trails, etc… If those programs weren’t enough this treadmill is also compatible. With this feature you can use cds, videos, or even download more programs from the internet. This is a nice touch for someone who is really into the program training. The unit also comes with little two-pound hand weights so you can get somewhat of an upper body workout going. This unit has grip sensors to monitor your heart rate also. They are fairly accurate and can keep you training in your target heart rate.

The motor is a 2.0 continuous HP. This is quite a bit of power compared to other treadmills on the market. This can easily hold someone up to 300 pounds. This is a nice feature because most of the treadmills on today’s market can only hold 250. Nordic Track has always been known for their quiet treadmills and the 4100i is no exception. It is almost silent compared to other treadmills. Many people complain that their treadmill is too loud to watch television or listen to music while they exercise. You will have no problem doing either with this unit.

If you are familiar with Nordic Track warranties then the 4100i has no surprises in that department. You will receive three years on the motor, two years on all parts, and one year on labor. Through Nordic Track you can buy an extended service plan that makes the warranty, six years on the motor, five years on all parts, and four years on labor. I believe the extra coverage is around $150.00. Honestly, the extended service is not a bad deal at all. Some other information about the machine is it weighs roughly 120 lbs. It also folds up for easy storage. Once the unit is folded up you can easily tilt it and move it around. It has a set of wheels at the base of the machine that eases in movement. There is slight assembly required when you take the unit out of the box. You have to put the console into place and screw it into place. You also have to install the wheels on the base of the unit. The whole assembly takes roughly fifteen minutes. Finally, the most important thing price. The 4100i retails for $1899 but you can pick it up at Sears on sale for $1599 or $1699. We run this unit on sale pretty often at both on these price points.

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