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Northern Catch Chunk Tuna in Oil

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Northern Catch Chuck Tuna in Oil. Where's the Chunks?

Jun 22, 2013 (Updated Sep 2, 2013)
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Pros:It fills a gap if you're hungry.

Cons:There are better tasting, healthier options out there.

The Bottom Line: I don't recommend buying this. There are better tasting canned tuna brands out there. The oil in this makes it extremely unhealthy anyway.

I’m partial to seafood and quite like canned tuna (just not on sandwiches), so I keep several tins of the stuff on hand at all times because I find it nice to snack on when I’m feeling peckish. I ran out of StarKist Chunk Tuna so we bought this untried brand instead.

Northern Catch Chunk Light Tuna in Oil looked pretty much the same thing as the StarKist variety­­­­­ and the tins are the same size at 5oz, so I figured it would taste pretty much the same. It’s available at most supermarkets and Amazon also has it for under $2 per tin. In-store places will have it foe less. We bought it from the new Aldi store that just opened nearby. We couldn't find this in Walmart.

First of all, the tuna used in this product is Skipjack tuna, a smaller pelagic species of tuna (and probably cheaper) and is used predominantly for canning in oil. The flesh tends to be slightly darker than Solid White Albacore tuna but the flavor is still there. Secondly, this product is canned in vegetable oil and not water, and I will explain about the oil later. Thirdly, if you’re looking for this product as a health food, forget it. For this option you will want the tuna in water instead. Tuna in water is usually Albacore.
After opening a tin of this with the electric can opener I noticed it was slightly lighter in color than the StarKist I was accustomed to. It only had a faint aroma of fish and didn’t hit my olfactory senses much at all once opened. Yes it was full of oil which I had to drain off into the kitchen sink by pressing the lid into the tuna hard and draining out the oil that way. After discarding the lid my fingers were all oily and nasty and I needed to clean them and wipe all the oil from the outside of the can before I could do anything else. I eat it straight from the can so as not to dirty any more dishes besides a fork (yes, still a bachelor at heart!) and I drench it with a good amount of lime, salt and pepper. The pieces were tiny, it was nearly shredded or mashed tuna, and not the bite-size pieces I was accustomed to.
The taste was actually a little disappointing really. You can’t go wrong as far as fish taste is concerned but to me, the taste just wasn’t there. It tasted more like fish in water. The tuna pieces were very mild indeed and needed more lime for my palate to make it taste better. For some people this may taste great if you don’t like the strong flavor of fish, but for me I preferred the stronger tasting StarKist variety, although I don’t for the life of me know why it should taste any different, it’s just tuna after all! I bet there will be people out there who disagree and say this tastes quite strong, but this is my opinion only, and the taste is mild to me.
Now to discuss a little about the oil. This is canned in Soybean oil. As people probably know, some oils are better for you than others. Let me tell you, most vegetable oils aren’t. The only healthy vegetable oils will usually contain the word coconut or virgins or butter…well, Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the goodies, and real butter is quite healthy too. Avoid the oils they say Soybean, Sunflower, Canola and Cottonseed. These have high amounts of Omega-6 in them, making them healthy to a point. Most processed foods today already have high amounts of O-6 in them. Any more is just overkill. To its merit it contains Omega-3 but I’m afraid the bad oil just outweighs the benefits. There’s much more health information to be garnered online if you want to study further. Buy this in water for better health benefits.
INGREDIENTS: Tuna, Soybean Oil, Vegetable Broth, Salt.

Calories 70 Calories from Fat 25
Total Fat 3g..........5%
Sat. Fat ½g...........2%
Polyunsat. Fat 2g
Monounsat. Fat 1g
Trans Fat.....0g
Cholesterol 25mg  8%
Sodium 180mg......8%
Potassium 0mg
Total Carbs..0g
Other Carbs 0g
Vitamin A..............0%
Vitamin C..............0%
Iron................... 2%
Overall 34% Fat 66% Protein 0% Carbs

There are many varieties of canned tuna out there, this isn’t one of the better quality ones. I’d say skip the skipjack and buy the Albacore tuna in water for a healthier snack or meal. Two stars from me.

© 2013 B.Hondow

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