Noxzema Regular Shave Cream 11oz. (PV463695) Reviews

Noxzema Regular Shave Cream 11oz. (PV463695)

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Noxzema Regular Shave Cream - Regular cream, regular shave

Aug 5, 2013
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Pros:Provides a decent enough shave, doesn't require much for use

Cons:Not medicated, pretty bland when compared to other products

The Bottom Line: I recommend this only if you can't find something better.

I am very strict when it comes down to my face, and I'm known to either give away or just trash shaving creams and aftershaves when I see the results are negative. I stick to the same brands and hardly ever change. I don't use gels because they simply don't work for my facial hair and skin; this is the reason I stick to only foams. When it comes down to foams, I've tried plenty and to this day nothing has ever satisfied me more than Noxzema. However, the Noxzema I'm talking about is the discontinued brand which was heavy in menthol found in the blue can. There are other brands out there such as Noxzema: Medicated which comes in red, and Noxzema: Aloe and Lanolin which comes in green. This can which is Noxzema: Regular comes in white.

This brand is labeled to be a protective formula shaving cream, that is a thick rich lather. Like all shaving products it comes with directions for new shavers: 1) Wet Face 2) Shake can and hold upright 3) Press top to release lather. I highly recommend using hot to warm water for best results. This has always worked for me because my hair never felt like it softened with cold water and I found myself more prone to irritation.

Now this brand of Noxzema isn't too bad. It's something I can use until it's gone but if I have to choose between this or Gillette Foamy then I would leave this brand on the shelf. Some things I like is that it doesn't take much at all to get a really good lather, nor do I need to constantly add water due to it quickly drying out. I think maybe two finger tips covers almost one side of my face, at least this much takes care of the heavy peach fuzz going on. I never let myself grow a full blown beard, but I do have a habit of letting my goatee go wild and sometimes I shave it just because. When my goatee and mustache is thick, still, it doesn't require much to lather up and shave. For the most part I get a good shave with this product.

Now my problem is that when compared to the blue can Noxzema or Medicated; I can tell it's very low on medication and lacks menthol which provides that real freshness. There is a menthol smell that seems quite faint, so if you already have something against that heavy menthol smell that has become Noxzema's trademark, then you shouldn't have much issue with this, but be warned though, you are getting a much weaker version.
Although the can doesn't state it, I can feel a slight moisturizing effect, but after a few minutes I do feel a bit of dryness. I experience this with all shaving creams to a certain degree though, and I take care of this with Cocoa Butter.

Overall, in comparison to the blue and Medicated Noxzema, this brand falls way short and I would always choose the other two first. In comparison with Aloe & Lanolin, I'll choose this since it's still safe for my skin, plus it doesn't dry as fast as that one. However, I recommend this only as a last resort. If you happen to be unfamiliar with foam shaving creams and you're just stuck, then pick up Gillette Foamy: Barbershop Fresh before any of them.

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