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Easy system with good sound

Apr 12, 2007
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Pros:Simplicity of use, but also quite versatile

Cons:a bit lightweight, plastic base and no dust-cover

The Bottom Line: A great product for converting records to your computer. Also great just for good-old-listening.

I bought this turntable because I have a decent-sized collection of vinyl that is largely out of print or expensive to pick up on CD. What I wanted was to record my records onto my computer, and to ultimately convert them to MP3 format. If you think that all you need is a good turntable (which the Numark is anyway), you'll find pretty quickly that a good turntable is just the beginning.

Most turntables simply take the information stored in the grooves of the record and put them into analog sound format-- you then need a 'pre-amp' to take this sound and boost it through speakers. If you want to avoid a background hum that the amplifier has, you need to ground it, too. The Numark comes with a built-in pre-amp, so the sound is ready to be amplified as soon as it leaves the turntable.

The next thing you have to worry about when you're recording from a record player, is how the sound is going to get into your computer. Input jacks? Are they stereo? Is your computer grounded? You'll usually get an infuriating 'hum' with most input jacks you use. The Numark avoids all this difficulty by connecting to the computer using USB-- perfect.

Lastly, you want to have a program that can handle stereo recording, splitting, waveforem analysis, etc. The turntable comes with a freeware package called Audacity-- an excellent program to use for these purposes.

I purchased mine from an outfit that augments the existing quality turntable with an upgraded stylus and needle.

The Numark takes care of the record transferring process soup-to-nuts. Bonus features include an 1/8" input jack (from a tape deck, or other RCA jack), so you can run other audio sources through the turntable as well.

Lastly, a word about audio quality. For my purposes, I'm taking music from a record and ultimately converting it to high-quality MP3s. All MP3s have some audio loss no matter what you do, though most people can't hear it(including myself!). I have been unable to discern a significant difference between MP3s being made from CDs and those made from this turntable.

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