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OPI Chip Skip - Extends Your Manicure

Jul 5, 2003
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Pros:No drying time, polish lasts longer without chipping

Cons:Expensive, hard to find

The Bottom Line: Adds a few extra days to your manicure, easy and quick to apply.

My nails are not the greatest, as they tend to split and break. But I've found that if I keep them manicured and polished, they do much better.

I've been using a fast-dry polish, which I think tends to chip quicker than ordinary polish. I could get maybe 3-5 days out of manicure before the polish would start to chip, peel, or crack. And by the way, I am not careful with my hands. I do a lot of gardening, and my hands are often in water, which of course is hard on a manicure.

I happened upon OPI Chip Skip at the beauty supply store the other day and decided I'd see how well it worked.

~ Product Description

OPI Chip Skip is a nail lacquer chip preventor, that is applied to your clean, dry, bare nails prior to the base coat. OPI tells us on their website, "Just one coat of this exclusive Patented formula applied prior to base coat or nail lacquer helps prevent chipping."

You'll find it alongside OPI nail polish in salons and beauty supply stores. It comes in an ordinary nail polish bottle. It's perfectly clear, and looks like water. It is quite thin and watery, and you don't need to shake it to mix.

~ My Experience

I decided to test OPI Chip Skip by using it with the same polish and base/top coat that I had been using.

After removing my old polish and preparing my nails, I opened up OPI Chip Skip and discovered that the brush is much smaller than an ordinary polish brush. It was tiny!

I began to apply Chip Skip, and was amazed at how thin and watery it was. It would evaporate almost as quickly as I applied it. I could barely even tell where it was going on my nail. It was kind of strange. But it was extremely easy to apply, and dried instantly. You don't have to be careful, because you can't even see it. It left no shine.

Just to give you an idea of how fast this stuff evaporates, I was doing my nails on an Enquirer Magazine to protect my table (my husband reads it - I never look at it - wink wink), and I knocked the bottle over. Chip Skip, being so watery, spilled in a big puddle on the Enquirer. The whole cover was soaked. I picked it up, and carried it to the kitchen sink and dumped the spilled solution into the sink. I thought, oh great, hubby's going to be hugely upset that I ruined HIS Enquirer. I looked again, and the magazine was dry! Totally dry! No wrinkling, no sign whatsoever that it had ever been wet. I was astonished!

Okay, so back to my manicure. I finished all my nails with a quick coat of OPI Chip Skip. Then followed with my base coat, two coats of polish (Revlon Top Seed), and a top coat. My nails looked great! Adding the extra step of Chip Skip before the base coat was quick and easy.

The end result was my polish lasted a good 6 days, which was a definite improvement. Chip Skip did extend my manicure. I noticed no peeling at all. But after about 6 days the polish was beginning to chip a little bit.

Final Thoughts

OPI Chip Skip really did help my polish last longer. It is very easy and quick to apply, and there is no waiting for it to dry.

It's quite expensive, though, at $9.99 for .5 fl. oz. But since it is so watery, I think one bottle will last quite a long time. It helps polish adhere to your nails, adds a few extra days to your manicure, and lives up to its claims. I'm glad I found it!


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