Office Depot Grid Board Poster Boards, 22in. x 28in., White, Pack Of 3 Reviews

Office Depot Grid Board Poster Boards, 22in. x 28in., White, Pack Of 3

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Vanishing Grid? Office Depot's Definition of The Word "Vanishing" Is Completely Different Than Mine

Feb 26, 2009
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Pros:Three per pack, strong and well made, wrapped to protect from dulling.

Cons:No corner protection, grid lines are permanent.

The Bottom Line: The lines don't vanish but they can be a huge help with art, craft and school projects.

If you have a kid of any age then you'll be more than a little familiar with poster board or more to the point, the statement, "Oh, yeah, by the way, I need poster board for my project that's due tomorrow". Avoid all that by getting some pieces when they are on sale and socking them away until they're needed. Where to store them? Get some large pieces of cardboard, tape the edges and slide the poster board inside. Of course, that's for the huge sheets that always seem to end up getting bent or warped before you get home, the 22 x 28 inch size from Office Depot is a little easier to manage.

How does the Office Depot version stack up to the name brand? It all depends on what you are doing with it. For coloring, making signs or collages it's great because you always have the grid lines to fall back on to position things. There are two sides to this, one that is smooth and one that is slightly slick. The slightly slick side is the one with the grid lines; if you want to use the smooth side but still need to cut out a shape just reverse the design, draw it out on the back of the board and cut it out. This size is great for kids to work with but younger kids will need some help from adults to cut things out and get a good edges from it. Blunt tip scissors won't do a good job s break out the good scissors and give them a little help.

One of the biggest complaints about this product is the "vanishing grid lines". They don’t magically disappear, they are there for the duration unless you painstakingly cover them with White-Out or a comparable product. Step back about ten inches and you will barely be able to see the lines but when you are right up on it, they are visible. It's a toss up as to whether the grid lines are a pro or con; that all depends on the project you are working on or the need that you have. Having the grid eliminates the need to draw then erase lines and makes cutting much easier if you are using scissors.

If you need poster board for a school project and it will need to be cut into a shape, the grid lines are a definite perk but the lines can come back to haunt you if it is going to be for a presentation that people are going to be standing right in front of. If the entire surface of the poster board is going to be covered with paper or photographs then that's not a big deal but otherwise you might want to think about using regular poster board and drawing in lines [lightly] then erasing them.

I think Office Depot and other companies that make this type of "vanishing" grid line poster board really need to make their packaging more clear. Kids see that "V" word and think that the lines are just going to go away and that isn't the case. They can be most helpful if you need horizontal and vertical lines to place things and you don't have to worry about drawing lines on the board and having them be uneven. For all intents and purposes this is the same exact product as regular standard poster board but the grid lines bump up the price a little.

Since it's an Office Depot product, you guessed it, you can only get it at their retail locations or online at their website. The three pack costs about $2.75 which is a little less than name brand gridded poster board but about .50 cents more than what you would pay for the blank packs. I've bought several packages of this poster board and haven't had any complaints other than dented corners but that's something that can happen with any product like this.

Given that you can use almost anything from paint to markers on the poster board it is a good value for school projects, making signs, arts and crafts. If you are doing a high scale presentation then this might not be the best pick unless you are covering the entire surface of the board or plan on using the grid lines as a background design.

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