Every Day You See Me, That's On The Worst Day Of My Life

Aug 3, 2001
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Pros:Absolutely brilliant casting, easy to relate to, HYSTERICAL!!

Cons:a few scenes drag, but nothing that makes the movie lag.

The Bottom Line: A True Comedic Classic


This is one of those movies that you’ll be reciting lines from for years. It’s not a really exciting movie—just hysterical! It’s not a really in-depth plot either. It’s just about a guy who thinks that work sucks, and decides to stop going and filter “pennies” out of the company. By pennies I mean millions of them.


The casting is brilliant, absolutely brilliant. These guys aren’t good-looking men—nor are they big stars.

Let’s see what we’ve got here:

1) Peter- a guy who hates his job and believes that every day you see him is on the worst day of his life. Peter wishes he could just sit around and do nothing. After witnessing his career counselor die, he decides to do just that—not quit work. Just not go.

2) Michael Bolton- the nerdy cool guy. He hates Michael Bolton’s music by the way.

3) (A foreign name I can’t spell)- He worries a lot, and is a friend of Peter and Michaels. His accent is hilarious, and even if his lines aren’t all that great he delivers them in a way that’ll make you laugh.

4) Joanne- The gorgeous waitress of a TGI Fridays sort of restaurant called Flingers. She hates the flare (buttons) she has to wear for work, and begins dating Peter after he stops working. Oh, and she loves kung-fu movies. (Portrayed by Jennifer Aniston)

5) Bill Lumberg- The main boss of the company. He’s pretty square, always beginning his conversations with things like “Whhhhat’s happening?” and “Ummm yeah…”

6) Milton- I can’t tell if he’s mentally retarded, or just talks that way. He’s always mumbling on and on about the funniest things

Those aren’t all of the characters you’ll encounter, but they are basically the main ones. Office Space is entertaining, sidesplitting, and all true!!! I highly advise that you watch this movie-- especially if you hate your job!


One of the things that make this movie so fresh and funny is that it hasn’t really been done before. Much like when Dumb and Dumber came to us in 1994. Stupid comedies had been done, but none that really admitted to it. It’s a hard kind of humor to explain, but it is a very good kind.

The movie takes place in Austin, and the funny thing is that during a scene when Peter and Joanne are driving in the car, they pass right by my good friend’s apartment, who swears that this movie IS his life. I guess it works on many levels, but more so for him. Just relax and give it a try!


For those of you that have seen the movie, these are some of my favorite parts:
1) The bashing of the fax machine with the intense rap music in the back.
2) “Jump to conclusions”
3) The money-laundering scene
4) The Michael Bolton name situation
5) Milton—enough said
Ok, I could go on and on, but you all know it’s hilarious right??

Hope you all watch it and enjoy it as much as I do!!!

The movie explores the frustrations of work through the light of one man. It’ll make you laugh out loud!!

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