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Old El Paso Dinner Kit Stnd & Stff Ki - (Old El Paso)

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OLD EL PASO Stand and Stuff Taco Shell Dinner Kit, the Shells Stand UP

Jul 15, 2011
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Pros:Complete kit with sauce, meat seasoning, and stand up shells.

Cons:Hard to find in local stores.

The Bottom Line: The taco kit makes meal preparation quick and easy.  The shells are nice because they stand up and can be generously filled.

Gracefully eating a taco, especially a fully stuffed taco is impossible.  The contents often spill while taking a bite and meat juices drip down your hand.  If you don't consume the entire taco while it's in your hand a lot of the fillings fall out when you put it back on the plate.  I could fill additional taco shells with the amount of ingredients that fall all over my plate.  When making tacos I sometimes use an Old El Paso Stand and Stuff Dinner Kit, the filled taco's stand in place when you put them on a plate and the seasonings are already included in the box.

I purchased my first box of Old El Paso Stand and Stuff Taco Shells at a local Big Lots store several months ago and haven't seen them there since.  I checked my local grocery stores and still couldn't find them.  While shopping at a Wal-mart I got lucky and found them!  But they only had the Old El Paso Stand and Stuff Dinner kit, something that I usually wouldn't buy. I prefer to make my own taco seasoning and really don't care for store bought salsa but I bought the kit anyway.  I paid close to $3.00 for the kit which contained 10 stand and stuff taco shells, 1 meat seasoning package, and 1 mild salsa packet. 

Taco Dinner Night!

I invited some family members over for dinner and decided to make use of all the contents in the Old El Paso Stand and Stuff Dinner Kit.  But I only used half the packet of seasoning with the 1 lb. of ground beef and also added about half a tablespoon of chili powder.  I usually prefer to use my own blend of seasonings but my container of the mixed spices was empty. Using the enclosed packet of meat seasoning helped cut down on preparation time. The provided meat seasoning was also useful because it contains ingredients that help thicken the meat mixture once the water is added.  I tasted a small amount of the salsa from the kit but decided not to put it on my tacos.  It was nice and thick but too mild and bland tasting for me.  I don't usually top my taco off with a salsa anyway. But a few of my dinner guests did use the salsa without complaints. 

The taco shells in the Old El Paso Stand and Stuff Dinner Kit are a little different than standard taco shells.  They're hard corn grain shells with a flat bottom that helps keep the taco standing while on the plate.  The flat bottom also has an added bonus of making the taco shell a little bit wider than regular taco shells.  More meat and toppings can fit within the shell because of the larger size.  The shape of the shell definitely made it easier to handle.  I was able to set the taco down on my plate (intact) after taking a few bites.  With regular taco shells I usually hold my taco in one hand until it's totally eaten because I don't want the fillings to fall out on to the plate.  The stand and stuff shells are still prone to breaking while taking bites.  If the meat mixture is juicy and has been sitting in the shell for a while the flat bottom gets soggy and breaks apart.

Overall the Old El Paso Stand and Stuff Dinner Kit was a good purchase that helped make meal preparation quick,easy and complete. I would buy it again if I were to make tacos for more than just myself.  My guests liked the meal and the unusually shaped taco shells that could be generously filled. My guests were also glad to have some kind of salsa for topping off their taco.  

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