Old Navy Flip Flops for Women

Aug 3, 2009 (Updated Aug 23, 2009)
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Pros:Very versatile, inexpensive and available in many colors.

Cons:Not intended for full time wear.

The Bottom Line: Very versatile, inexpensive and available in many colors.

I basically live in flip flops. Flip flops  used to be something you only wore to the beach at best but they have now become part of the general fashion world. You can find the simplest basic rubber version with a Y shaped top piece, a  divider that goes between your big toe and the next toe and a bottom that can run 1/2 to 2" or even a sloped wedge version.  They are based on th Japanese Zori. In South Africa they are called slip slops, in New Zealand they are known as jandals.

The Northwest Womens LaCrosse team was called out because some of the members wore flip flops to the White house. I have to agree, they aren't appropriate for the White house.

You can find flip flops jazzed up with appliques, rhinestones and embellishments or in a simple pared down version. This pared down version is what I found on sale, a major sale, at Old Navy.  

I like to wear what I call matchy, matchy outfits. With these inexpensive versions of footwear I can match every outfit.  THey look great with shorts, capris or summer dresses.

I took my grand daughter shopping at our local mall and our first stop was Old Navy. Being mid summer the store had already marked down their flip flops so we literally went nuts.  Obviously, we weren't the first to hit the sale so sizes were a little limited but we each managed to find quite a few pairs.

They were well displayed in a color order and the sales help were great about helping us find our sizes. The flip flops were available in a rainbow of colors as well as several depths of certain colors. There was a light, deep, and bright pink. They offered a dark, medium and chartreuse green. They had blues in navy, turquoise and cobalt. They also had all the neutrals. We were in flip flop heaven. 

I've purchased many flip flops at Old Navy and found they hold up very well. These don't pop apart at the toe bar like some flip flops do. Mine only wear out because the sole gets thinner after several seasons of use. 

You can take strips of fabric, purchase a nice inexpensive pair at Old Navy on sale and tie the strips to the V area creating a decorative look. You can paint them, glue rhinestones on them or just wear them as is.

Officially doctors do not recommend "living" in these as they give very little foot support but I've been doing exactly that for almost 10 years without a problem.  

When we checked out we got an additional $10.00 off by using my Old Navy card. The rubberized material is listed as "other" and the size is printed on a tag that will come off. If you are crafty you can decorate the flip flops yourself. You can tie bits of fabric on the "V" area, glue gun bows or flowers in the angle of the "V" or use a paint pen on them. They were available at Old Navy in men, and children's sizes as well. 

Flip flops are great as shower shoes. You can now get flip flops with messages embedded in the sole i.e. Bride, Groom or Just Married. I've seen them with a lighthouse carved into the sole so that when you walk on the beach you leave an imprint. They clean up easily and they are certainly inexpensive especially at Old Navy.

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