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Olde Brooklyn Lantern, LED

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Olde Brooklyn Lantern

Feb 6, 2013 (Updated Feb 7, 2013)
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Pros:Lights up a small room well enough. Cool to the touch. Batteries last a while.

Cons:Feels really cheaply made -- like a toy from the dollar store.

The Bottom Line: An average light overall, I'm glad to have it on hand for when the power goes out and think it would work well for inside a tent as well.

After watching commercials for the Olde Brooklyn Lantern on TV, I remember thinking "if this is even half as good as it claims, it'd probably be worth getting." Most of those "As Seen on TV" items aren't anywhere near half as good as advertised though, so I dismissed it and didn't think about it again until I received the Olde Brooklyn Lantern as a gift. Well, it's not quite half as good as advertised, but it's pretty close and actually works a little better than I assumed it would.
First of all, don't put too much stock in the fact that it's "made of metal". While that's technically correct, it's thin aluminum that you can dent with moderate force from your thumb and the lantern feels like a dollar store toy. Central to the lantern is a bulbous "shatter proof" dome with a clear tube inside; in the tube are 12 LED bulbs, separated into 3 lines (each facing outward in a different direction) that each contain 4 bulbs. This lets the lantern radiate light out in all directions.
The lantern stands 9.5" tall, is about 6" wide at it's widest point, and the bottom is 4.5" in diameter. It looks similar to the old kerosene lanterns we used to have. The knob near the bottom that would raise and lower the wick in a kerosene lantern has been purposed as the on/off/dimmer switch, and the illusion is convincing enough from a distance. The lantern runs on 2 "D" batteries which go into the bottom of the lantern, behind a flimsy plastic battery cover that didn't quite want to go back into place when I removed it. Battery life is good so far; I've probably had the lantern on its brightest setting for 10 or 15 hours, using some really cheap dollar store batteries I had laying around and it's still working perfectly.
As for light output, it's not quite as bright as the commercials would have you believe. It's not bad however, and if I set it in the middle of the small bedroom (10'x12') it lights up the entire room with a soft white glow. Not super bright, but I could easily read within about 3' of the lantern and see well enough to easily dig through a basket of laundry or a toolbox within 8' of it. The dimmer knob is kind of pointless though, as the lantern is all but worthless on any setting except maximum brightness.
It's comparable to most of the cheaper LED flashlights I have, except that it spits light out in a full circle instead of unidirectional. I would go so far as to recommend it for camping trips to light up the inside of a tent, or for power outages, but remember to be careful with it because it feels like a cheap toy. The lantern is made in China and weighs 1.32 pounds with the batteries inserted (I set it on a postal scale).

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