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LAST Juicer You Will EVER Need.

Jan 22, 2009 (Updated Feb 5, 2010)
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Pros:Amount of juice given when using. Incredible Warranty!

Cons:The 1 1/2 Inch wide load chute is somewhat slow. And I'm THIRSTY!

The Bottom Line: Beautiful in both form and function! Quiet, amazing warranty, stellar reputation of manufacturer. Finally, a "real" juicer.

  OK, I spent some time with one of the new Breville centrifugal juicers and you can read that review at:

  It was so much better than my 10 plus year old juicer that I thought at first it was going to be just perfect. Sometimes when things seem too good to be true they are. This review will now go to a new product that is an upgraded Omega 2005. The changes over the model 8005 are (as far as I can tell?) that it now has an improved auger that is Black (so does not show stains) and is 8 times stronger than it's predecessor.This auger features a patented, stone mill-like screw, made of GE’s ULTEM material, which is again, 8 times stronger than augers on other single auger juicers.  It also bumped it's already amazing warranty to 15 years! This from a Company that already has a fantastic reputation for quality and customer service. Another change is this has a "built in" carry handle as opposed to the flip up style from before. It is also 1 pound heavier at 16 pounds.

  This is a masticating style juicer meaning you can juice wheat-grass in it and in fact is a multi function machine. It makes sorbets from frozen produce, grinds coffee beans, makes nut butter, soy milk and on & on & on. The difference between this and my Breville centrifugal juicer is time & prep work and a few other things I will try to mention. Some great, some not as great. Here are features I LOVE:
-It is built like a tank!
-15 year warranty.
-Motor – 1/3 Horsepower 3600 RPM Motor gears down to 80 RPMs – 2 Horsepower with the gear reduction.
-Low Speed 80 RPMs – Ensures full taste and high nutritional values.  Powerful motor chews the plant fibers and penetrates membranes to extract vitamins, enzymes, and minerals
-Built in Reverse – The built in reverse prevents clogging
-Chrome is actually chrome plastic=no stains or rust.
-ALL the green & leafy items my Breville gave no juice at all on works perfectly on this juicer, yielding a surprising amount of juice.
-It is so "gentle" and quiet compared to past juicers I owned.
-Cleaning? You almost just rinse & done! Less than 5 minutes. Average is 2-3 minutes doing a good job. Amazing & makes me WANT to use it.
-I am able to take all my pulp & simply run it through a 2nd or 3rd time. I net about 1-2 ounces more juice on a 2nd pass through the system. Get my moneys worth out of my produce!
-It has a "reverse" if machine ever clogs. I have now put anything you can juice through it and have yet to find any need for this! No clogging here.....
-Size Matters!--16 lb. - 7"(w) X 16½"(l) X 8½"(h)
-I will never use any other brand or style juicer in my lifetime. I love this machine.
-When I contact the manufacturer, I get English speaking & helpful people!
-It is manufactured in Korea. Heaven knows I wish it was in the USA. But at least it isn't China! I make a concerted effort to buy American or not Chinese for what it's worth. I'll take what I can get in this area these days.
-Parts are available if ever needed. This is not a "disposable" juicer.

  Things I do not Love:
-Produce load chute is only 1 1/2 Inch Diameter. Means a bit more time to cut produce up to prep for juicing (but worth the effort to me as I can inspect for any signs of spoiling etc and remove apple seeds which can contain cyanide).
-If you are disabled as I am, the nice solid weight may bother you? I like it and just accept it as proof of its solid build (unlike my Breville!). But if you want to move it around, you may take issue with it? So for me, the weight is both a plus and yet a minus. Nothing is simple right......
-That is it. Just nothing to complain about.

   And this time I have taken the time I need to know this machine. LIVE with it. I juice 2-3 times per day, every single day. I make no excuses, I just do it. Part of the reason is my wife bought $60.00 worth of produce based upon what we used in the Breville. With this in a side by side comparison I tried something. I used a food scale & weighed equal measure (and I mean equal!) of 15 different produce items. I bagged each set. I juiced each item in both my Breville centrifugal juicer and logged the amount of juice from each item. I then did the same with my new Omega 8006. I learned some things. My biggest fear was that since I got no juice (nothing at all!) out of leafy greens in my Breville, I would get nothing on the Omega. Wrong! Now on softer fruit and veggies, return was similar. UNTIL I ran everything through my Omega for a 2nd run. Pointless on the Breville as I tried it and got nothing.....I averaged 12%-18% more juice on my Omega than my Breville. Will you? I don't know.

  There is a difference in the consistency of juice between this and my Centrifugal juicer as well. Both come with a pulp screen that is designed to keep any froth or excess pulp out of your drink. This is a choice only you can make as to which style of drink you prefer? Using the screen on both type of juicer still offers a completely different experience. At least on these two particular brands. On the Breville, the juice is thinner with or without using the screen. The juice is just more watery. The Omega is much thicker. Even though yield may be setup to be the same, juice with the Omega will be thicker and have a bit more fiber or body in the juice. I personally don't even use the screen as I like both the froth or pulp or both. I want it all darn it!

  As a result, I have sent my Breville back & hope for a refund (it also had what I considered a health risk defect?). I am unsure if we can juice all my wife bought before it spoils as we just get so much juice, it's hard to drink so much. But I now assume for me to drink juice TWICE a day, and to net myself 12 ounces (not just 8 ounces) in each glass, it will cost me about a total of $60.00-$75.00 per month total depending on what I choose to drink and the season etc. It will also allow my wife to have another 12 ounce glass per day but just once per day. That comes out to 36 Ounces per day,seven days per week of juicing. Pretty darn affordable considering what I had originally planned on spending!

  I now know juicing is not a fad for me. I feel better, want a lot less food, and that means I can also deduct the amount of food I am not eating from our bills each month....In fairness, wife says I am not any better looking, still grumpy, and I still irritate her as much as before juicing. So full disclosure here. I will also update this as any discoveries are made or as I remember something I forgot.

Update 3/30/2009 3 Months update:

3 Month update. Using the Omega Juicer Model 8006, I have now lost 29 pounds! Also lost any craving for beer, just realized I haven't even had a single thought of a beer much less had one. What a shocker. Also now growing my own wheatgrass indoors to juice in my Omega juicer.

  Oh my....has it really been this long? Over a year juicing now? Yep! OK, this work horse has never flinched. I have now lost over 50 pounds and not even THOUGHT about a beer in all that time. I wonder now if I used to have some kind of alcohol problem since a few beers a day EVERY single day was just completely "normal" for me and everyone I knew. I actually wonder if all the weight loss I never was even trying for is simply as a result of no beer? I'll leave that to the Doctors & juicing nuts.

  My disabilites have worsened however (not juice related of course) from all the surgeries I have endured. Parylisis has worsened so I also have added a LeQuip Centrifigul model juicer as well for days I have trouble just standing etc. So guess I'm just a juicing slut now? But I also can still (after about 14 months!), not really enjoy sweet stuff like chocolate and junk food. I wish I had some scientific answer as to why my entire food desires have been so transformed, but I would just be guessing. Biggest problem I now have at just 215 pounds (hey, I'm over 6' 2" so ain't FAT!), is I am so much lighter than my old big boy days, every single time I make a fat "joke" about the wife, she cah WHUP me! Oh well, nobody said this was gonna be perfect...

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