Bayer Health Care One-A-Day Weight Smart Dietary Supplement Tablets 100 Each

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The Smart Way with Weight Smart

Mar 28, 2003
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Pros:Slow, steady weight loss while getting the proper amounts of vitamins and supplements

Cons:These vitamins were twice the price of the other One-A-Day vitamins I buy

The Bottom Line: I am a total believer of One-A-DayŽ Weight Smart™. I have seen the results and am very impressed and happy with this product that does what it claims.

The Pitiful Story
Between quitting smoking, getting older, and a more sedentary lifestyle, it was no problem gaining weight. The problem was getting rid of the weight! Throw in an injury to the leg that kept me in bed for months at a time; even more weight. Then to add insult to injury, cortisone shots administered to alleviate pain from the injury; even MORE weight was added to my once small frame.

Why One-A-DayŽ Weight Smart™?
I won't buy products that seem too good to be true. The miracle pills that have killed or maimed, the "guaranteed" products that have caused heart attacks are all scary reasons to avoid non-regulated products from non-reputable companies.
But, when I was in the pharmacy section of my store to replenish my stock of vitamins and saw One-A-DayŽ Weight Smart™, I picked up the box and read the ingredients. All of the ingredients that I look for were in there:
Iron 100%
Copper 100%
Magnesium 12%
Selenium 100%
Zinc 100%
as well as the ABC's of vitamins, I decided to give it a try. Everything I already want and nothing dangerous added.
The only thing I had to lose was money. I did notice that these vitamins, at $6.99 on sale, cost the same for 50 pills as the One-A-DayŽ Maximum™ cost for 100 pills.

Was it Working?
I can't say that the test I was about to give it was totally fair since I had to cut out exercising due to increased pain at a surgery site. But, after 5 days, I dropped 4 pounds. I was IMPRESSED!

An Unexpected Test
On the sixth day I saw my doctor about the pain and he gave me an Cortisone shot. Every single time I have gotten one of these shots, I put on another 10 to 15 pounds in less than 2 weeks.
Still not exercising, but taking the One-A-DayŽ Weight Smart™ with meals as directed, the first day I did not gain a pound. The second day I gained one pound. The third day I lost that pound and three weeks later I am down another four pounds from the day I got the shot -instead of up 15 pounds!

My Conclusion
A one month trial is hardly conclusive proof, but what a month of trial I put this poor vitamin pill through! I believe the claims of "Enhance You Metabolism" and "Convert Food to Fuel" having seen the proof on my body and on my scale.

I am so happy with this product, I not only recommend it to all my family and friends, I have even purchased One-A-DayŽ Weight Smart™ as gifts to relatives so they can try for themselves.

Additional Information About The Product
For those who like the down and dirty about a product, here's what One-A-DayŽ Weight Smart™ says about itself:

Promotes Metabolism
ECGC (Green Tea Extract)

Healthy Heart
Vitamin B12, B6, C and E
Folic Acid

Converts Food to Fuel
Pantothenic Acid
Folic Acid
Vitamin B6

Cell Protection
Vitamin C and E

Immune Health
Vitamin A, C, and E

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