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Lifescan One Touch Delica Lancets Device, 1

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Delica. They Finally Got it Right!

Jan 10, 2011 (Updated Jan 22, 2011)
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Pros:less pain, less stress, easy to use


The Bottom Line: After putting up with painful lancing systems over the years, the Delica system is AMAZING!

One of the more sensitive areas of the human body are the fingertips.  Diabetics have been stabbing their fingers (in order to check their blood sugar levels) for years and it used to hurt.  I assert that most Diabetics who decline to check their blood daily, do so because of the pain and stress that poorly designed lancing devices and lancets cause.  Well, that's all changed now that LifeScan (Johnson & Johnson) has developed the Delica lancing system.

Most lancing devices are basically something that sends a sharp needle into your skin via a spring mechanism to cause a tiny pool of blood used to test glucose levels via test strips and meters. Better devices employ a more precision mechanism to force the needle in very straight without vibration. LifeScan calls this "Advanced Glide Control System." The more precise the mechanism and finer the needle used, the closer you get to pain-free testing.

Using this device couldn't be any easier. You simply remove the front cap, slide in a Delica lancet, replace the cap, put it on a finger of choice and push the blue button.  There is no pain anymore! Due to the very fine gauge lancet, I hardly ever actually feel it. On the back end of the device, there's a numbered dial. The higher the number, the deeper it penetrates the skin. The factory setting is 4 and it works for me.

While some meters allow for testing on a forearm or palm, that's no longer an issue because the Delica lancing system is so simple and comfortable.

The Delica lancing device comes with all new OneTouch meters, but you can buy it separately.  On occasion, I've seen coupons in the Sunday paper for the device. One call to the LifeScan folks at (800) 227-8862 and you might just qualify for a free meter and Delica device.

No matter what lancing system you currently use, switch to the Delica system and thank me later.

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