Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad  (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2009) Reviews

Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad (Microsoft Xbox 360, 2009)

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Bikini Samurai Squad, Use a Hot Half Naked Samurai Girls to Sleigh Zombies!

Aug 3, 2009 (Updated Aug 8, 2009)
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Pros:Zombies, Weapons, Hot Samurai in Bikini's, what else do you want

Cons:The graphics, well, let's not talk about the graphics.

The Bottom Line:

It's cool in the fact that your using a chick to kill zombies. But wouldn't the graphics matter the most in this kind of content.

Quick Summary

Ever want to use a hot Samurai to go kill a bunch of zombi's? well now is your chance. Onechanbara Bikini Samurai Squad is a Hack-N-Slash game, with the use of girls with skimpy outfits. Does this make this the best game ever? No. Games don't have to have the best graphics to be a great game, but when your focusing on a sexual source of entertainment it should. I mostly rented this game because, 1 I'm a guy, 2 the Title is pretty funny. You'd think that Bikini's and Zombies would go good anywhere? but graphics matter for this to be good.

Basically as the Title of the game you use a hot samurai to sleigh many zombie's, which saves the game from being horrible. It is not the first of the series, unless your in America. I have a hard time keeping up with Japanese story lines, but this one, I simply stopped paying attention. It was to complicated for my simple mind. The biggest flaw back, the graphics Suck, but that doesn't mean the game isn't fun. At least for the first 20 hours or so.

Reasons to get Bikini squad

1 Most likely, you want half naked girls on your screen.
2 You want some kind of a Hack-N-Slash game, maybe with some girls?
3 Your not sure what kind of present to get a dude, and you know he likes girls.
4 Maybe your a Zombie killing fan.
5 If your into Japanese games this would probably be enjoyable.

Reasons not to get Bikini Squad

1 Your thinking about a game for a child.
2 You have small children.
3 You find skin and boobs offensive.
4 You don't want a game with bad graphics.
5 You just don't want the darn thing.

Graphics & Sound

I'll start off with the biggest bummer about the game, the graphics. For one if your going to make a game based on sexual content you want #1 good graphics. I really don't get why they didn't make the graphics top priority.

The number one reason you'd get this game is because of the content. First off there is no "hot" views of your chick. It seems like your playing something between the xbox, and the 360 if that makes sense. So other than the fact that there is skin, there is no "hotness" in most of the game The image quality is fuzzy, blotchy and poorly detailed. Your samurai is often moving fast, making the graphics even worse. So if you want to see a hot chick play Dead or Alive, or Soul Calibur 4, or any other game with hot characters. 

However there are some cool graphics, not all of the graphics suck. There is Lot's of blood, everywhere. When your killing zombies be ready to get blood on your character, the ground, the air, and even the screen, saving the graphic quality from almost useless.

The scenery is descent but not very good. The quality of trees, shrubs, and buildings are poorly detailed. They have a fuzzy look to the screen. But, even though the graphics suck, the game seemed to run smoothly. I didn't notice any severe lagging, or other time delays, It's a fast game so you don't see the most of it.

The sound is not bad in Bikini Squad, but it could be better. The sound of weapons, and the environment sound alright and have no real sound delay, but work is needed. Voice expressions are done alright, but could have used more work. The sound tract, well, It's a Japanese game so expect there Cultural music.

Game Play

Whats the best part about Bikini Samurai
The endless slaughter of zombies! being a zombie fan would really help to.

There are many zombies that need to be killed. as you progress through the game you will encounter stronger zombies and bosses. Unfortunately the boss battles are rather disappointing. Often boss battles take way to long, or they are way to easy, often just smashing the same buttons while locking on the view.

The controls are pretty disappointing in this game. This is not a game that takes time getting used to, It's a button masher game. Your usually pressing the x  button for attack and commands, pressing the right thumb pad to lock your view, or pressing several face buttons to switch through your attacks. Hate to say it but the controls are simply, to easy for me, there needs to be more of a variety.

Throughout the game there is much gore and killing to be done. One cool feature of the game is the blood on your weapon. When you get so much blood on your weapon you can get it stuck in a zombie, unless you get it off. It Can be a bad time when your Katana is stuck in some zombie.

You can level up through the game as well. You can use your points to use on your Samurai for clothes, hair and all sorts of other things. There are also points that you can spend on your samurai, making her stronger and more efficient.

Another big bummer is how some of the quest's suck. There are some of those dread full quest's in this game.
Do you Hate Running around for a long time?
Then this could cause some frustrations in the game. As some of the quest's require you to travel far lengths in time.

There is a survival mode that does provide some decent replay value. Here you can fight numerous amounts of zombies to either unlock stuff, get better at button mashing, or simply just have fun.

There are some different weapon choices. You can wield a katana or another melee weapon. Or, you can go all out and blast zombies from afar, but this is not as effective as smashing your way through.

What I Thought

Overall this was a decent game with some decent game play. Definitely not a game that will be popular for is visual effects. But, it does provide some fun Killing Zombie's with a half naked girl time. If your a guy, or a Zombie fan your probably going to enjoy this. This is not a game that I would say kicks a##, but it does provide some entertainment when your bored from the rest of your games. However, I do have to say that this game can take some time to load up, this can get irritating, but not frustrating. You'd think that a 360 game wouldn't have this kind of trouble. If you need a H-N-S game then this would probably be a good choice for you. Or another good game for a college student. But if your thinking about a kids game they better at least be in High School.... don't say I didn't worn you.

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