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Orajel Medicated Toothache Swabs

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Orajel Medicated Toothache Swabs

Aug 30, 2002 (Updated Aug 30, 2002)
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Pros:Medication and applicator in one

Cons:do not use if you have an allergy to caine anesthetics

The Bottom Line: For immediate toothache pain relief for children and adults

My seven-year old son has been complaining of some toothache pain. He currently has a loose tooth so I thought a liquid or applicator type of medicine would be better than chewing tablets. I had little luck finding something appropriate for my child when I was browsing around Rite-Aid. It was not until I was in Kmart this week that I found someone with knowledge in this area to assist me with a selection suitable for a child.

Orajel® Medicated Toothache Swabs in maximum strength was purchased for $5.99. This consists of eight unit-dose swabs in a sealed plastic container. Since the first time I ever visited a Dentist was in the eight grade, with the end results spending my summer having all thirty-six cavities filled with only gas and the nurse’s hand to squeeze. Prior to the confirmation of said cavities I would visit the nurse’s office at school almost daily for a Q-tip swab to dip into the Anbesol jar. If only Orajel® Medicated Toothache Swabs was introduced into the market during the 1970’s!

The plastic container reminds me of travel sized case of Q-tips, although this has two seals that need to be clipped before opening. To the right side of the container is a fastener to lift open that needs to be pressed when closing to snap shut. Each of these replicas of Q-tips is lined up with the plain white tip located at the bottom and the tips with the colored rings are at the top part. These applicators look like plastic tubing with a brownish liquid/gel on the inside. The rings at the tip are the shade of blue, and should not be used if another color or the seals are broken.

The first step is to remove a swab with the white tip pointed down. Next the blue ringed tip is bent to break it open. This releases the liquid/gel that slowly moves down the tubing to the solid white tip. I was not sure if all the liquid/gel would have to get to the tip, so we waited a bit to see how much was going down. The colored tip will break off and can be disposed of. Then hold the tubing in your hand in the upright position for the release of the liquid/gel. You can see the white tip turning another shade of color as it is becoming moist with the medicine.

Since my son was in pain and I wanted this to help him sleep, I did not wait to see if the liquid/gel would fill the swab. I took the swab and rubbed it along his gums and the tooth area that was bothering him. He flinched after a few swabs and did not want anymore. I did not think it would be sanitary for me to test the swab to see the taste, etc so refrained from doing so. I was a bit surprised to find nothing about sharing swabs on the package. I did leave the applicator out overnight on a paper towel to see if the liquid would dissolve. This did indeed happen and the scent was still on the swab. While this is suited for children between two and twelve they should be supervised when this is applied. For those under two a Dentist or Doctor would have to be consulted beforehand.

Orajel® Medicated Toothache Swabs can be used up to four times a day by applying it to the cavity and gum surrounding the tooth. This should not be used for more than seven days and if a rash, swelling or fever occurs then discontinue use and seek a Doctor or Dentist. The box as well as the container have an expiration date stamped with mine showing one year as the date.

The active ingredient is 20% Benzocaine. Anyone with allergies to local anesthetics, including procaine, butacaine and benzocaine cannot use Orajel® Medicated Toothache Swabs. Keep in mind that this is for the temporary relief and will not replace visiting the Dentist, eventually! The swab is to be discarded once it has been applied. There seems to be no waiting period on how long the product takes to work, since the packaging indicates immediate relief.

My son went to bed and when I checked on him a few minutes later I saw his finger in his mouth near the loose tooth and removed it. He never woke up and slept through the night with no further mention of toothache pain.

This is to be stored out of reach of children and contact Poison Control Center if an overdose occurs. The price is a bit steep for only eight swaps that will last one year, but I like that this is portable within the case, works on contact with fast relief. There is a pleasing scent that is not too strong with the applicator measuring about three inches. The only negative would be trying to open the case and when someone has a toothache and must wait while you cut two seals and then figure out the snap function to the case and break the tip. Then you wait for the liquid/gel to make it down to the tip. Perhaps having the one with the toothache can gargle with some salt water while you are preparing the swab, makes everyone less tense.

For more information in relation to this and other oral care products, check out www.oraljel.com or call 1-800-952-5080. I have seen other products that are specifically for denture pain, but this is not mentioned on the packaging.

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