Orbit Easy-Set Logic 12-Station Sprinkler Timer, 57900 (Orbit) (00046878579002) Reviews
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Orbit Easy-Set Logic 12-Station Sprinkler Timer, 57900 (Orbit) (00046878579002)

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Orbit easy set logic sprinkler timer is really easy to set

Jun 20, 2011 (Updated Jun 24, 2011)
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Pros:well built easy to program

Cons:the timer clock on my unit was noticeably inaccurate after running home air conditioner

The Bottom Line: This is as advertised, easy to program and has many other desire able characteristics. Time clock on mine was not very accurate after a short time span. 

This unit replaces two now ancient (by sprinkler timer standards) 6 valve timers from different companies and eras. And that is one reason for the replacement. It is much easier to program one unit than to remember how two from different decades are programmed. And this is a good unit for easy programming. Basically, once it was wired, I programmed it without instructions.

Out of the box the Orbit easy set 12 station sprinkler timer is a hefty solidly built timer. Of course it has been a few years since I had to purchase a timer. The ones I have experience with are light weights compared to this.  It comes designed to be mounted either outside or inside and has a lockable exterior door to keep others (hopefully) from gaining access to programs if that is something you need. I plan to leave mine unlocked, but it is nice to know I can lock it if I decide to.

The unit has a built in transformer with plug, but this also can be hard wired to existing 120 AC if desired.  The transformer can be accessed through opening the swing out display panel. Once you open the door, you also have access to the wiring panel for up to 12 sprinklers, a pump start/master valve and optional (rain sensor purchased separately) rain sensor connection.  The connections are by insertion of the wires directly, and they can be disconnected by easy insertion of a small screw driver on a plastic tab.

Program selections are seen on an easily visible LCD screen. Programming can include 3 separate programs of up to 12 sprinklers with up to 12 start times of up to 240 minutes run-time. Programming can be done with a large rotary dial to select individual functions and several “plus” and “minus” and “continue” buttons to advance to next station, or add to or decrease watering times or days, etc.  Individual days of the week can be selected for each program selected, or you can select even or odd days, or every other day. Programming has so many variations, I am sure I never will utilize as many as are included.  Like I said, I originally programmed mine without directions, but the directions are easy to use also, and include an easy start sheet to post near installation site for reference if anything goes wrong.

Unit also has an extra “Budget” program selection so you can add to, or decrease all watering times without resetting individual time entries. For example, if you have a time set for 60 minutes at default 100% entry and it is spring you can decrease the time to 30 minutes by entering 50% in budget selection.  Range is 10% to 200% in increments of 10%.

Rain delays can be set for 12, 36, or 72 hours. If you need more time than that in rain delay, timer can be turned OFF.  Or if you use the optional rain sensor, it would track all of that for you.  All stations can be run manually, or you can choose any one station in any program to run manually. But, if you do this, remember to return unit to automatic running afterward. If not, it will stay on the last manual setting. This is one thing I would change. It would be nice if it returned to auto on its own after a manual run.

Unit has a battery back up to maintain program settings only. This is an easily obtainable (CR2032) lithium battery that has been used for years in many devices. You may have them already for watches or remote controls.  They suggest replacement every year to avoid loss of programming. But, if unit loses program, it should return to a default setting of daily ten minute watering of each station until reprogramming is completed. 

Warrantee is for six years from date of purchase.   


Since writing this, I have had to return my Orbit sprinkler timer. It may be that I just got a bad one, or it could be that it was just too sensitive to my fluctuating line voltage from use of my home air conditioner. Either way, after periods of running my home AC, I noticed that the time clock on the timer was off by 15 minutes over two days. This is not good, so I am tring a different brand that may be a bit more stable for my installation.  

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