Orbit Lawn & Garden 50' Blue Coil Hose & Spray Nozzle #27891 (046878278912) Reviews
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Orbit Lawn & Garden 50' Blue Coil Hose & Spray Nozzle #27891 (046878278912)

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Coiling Garden Hose

Jun 5, 2009 (Updated Jun 5, 2009)
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Pros:Good idea, easy to move around, lighter than a conventional hose

Cons:Didn't go back to original shape, didn't stretch to 50 feet

The Bottom Line: A good idea, but it ultimately was not what I intended.

My husband and I purchased this garden hose at WalMart a couple weeks ago.  Orbit and SunMate are the same company, my box says SunMate 50' Coil Hose with Multi-Pattern Nozzle, and the back of the box says it is made by Orbit Irrigation Products, Inc.  Other listings for shorter (25') coil hoses here at Epinions lists the products as "Orbit SunMate", so I am confident this is the same product that we purchased, although our hose is colored green instead of blue.

This was bought on a whim, but it looked and sounded like a great little garden hose for our back yard plants and flowers.


The box states that this coil hose will "quickly deploy for all outdoor watering uses", and that it will "return to original shape for convenient storage". 

When the hose is tightly coiled up, it measures about three feet in length.  The diameter of the coils are 4 inches.  In the bottom of the box is a matching green and black spray nozzle, made of plastic and soft rubber.  The nozzle has six different spray patterns: mist, soaker, cone, flat, shower and jet. 

The back of the box says this coil hose is designed for higher working pressures, the spray nozzle is designed for versatility, and that it is durable for long lasting use.


There is an arrow at the center top of the nozzle that you line up your desired pattern with, by simply turning the head of the nozzle, which turns easily and with a loud click. There are slight indentations on the head that allows you to grip and turn this easily, even when the nozzle or your hands are wet.  To make it spray, you squeeze the trigger style handle. 

This set has a really nice, soft rubber grip where the fingers are placed, and there are four indentations or grooves where the fingers are placed, and this is actually a very comfortable sprayer to hold, and the rubber on the handle makes it so that the hand does not get cold while watering.

Living in Alaska, our ground water is, literally, almost ice cold, and some older style sprayers I have had were made of metal, and they were nearly impossible to use with any length of time because they would get so cold.

Initially, I thought I would like this 50 foot coil hose.  It's lightweight and despite the hose being only 1/2"-5/8" in diameter, there is fairly good water pressure (but we have very good water pressure from our outside hose bib).  When I turned the water on, the hose started to shake as the water made it's way down the full length, an odd sensation!  

This hose is easier to lift and maneuver around the ceramic planters sitting on our deck, but I take issue with this stretching 50 feet.  My husband and I stretched it out as far as it would go, (and that was really much farther than I could comfortably stretch it when using it to water my plants), and it came to about 45 feet.  The pull from the coils at this point was quite strong!

I really like the six different spray choices.  The mist option is wonderful for watering delicate plants such as ferns, the soaker option lets water run out of one side, more of a dribbler affect.  But the option I used the most was the shower mode, which gives a good full, yet soft spray.  The jet option will shoot water across our back yard, about 40 feet.

Now, here is why I am returning this to the store.  When it has been stretched out like this, contrary to the claims on the box, it does not return to it's original shape for convenient storage!  I had no idea where to put this hose.  It could not be wound up on any of those hose reels, and I attempted to place it in an empty decorative pot of mine, but it simply looked ugly. 

I debated on keeping this unit simply for the nozzle, because I really like the design and spraying options, but today I found a very similar spray nozzle, also at WalMart, for only $2.97, and this coil hose and nozzle cost $20.97.  The nozzle is not worth that much money, so back it will go.

If this really did return to it's original shape, and could be stored so that it looked attractive on our deck, I would reconsider keeping it, but it doesn't.  All in all, this was quite a disappointment, and I don't think I will ever buy a coiled hose like this in the future.

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