Orbit Sunmate 58288 3-Arm High-Rise Sprinkler (046878582880) Reviews
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Orbit Sunmate 58288 3-Arm High-Rise Sprinkler (046878582880)

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Tall Plants? Tall Sprinkler! Orbit Sunmate High-Rise Sprinkler

May 26, 2011
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Pros:reaches over the tops of plants, waters evenly


The Bottom Line: When your garden plants get so tall they block the sprinkler's spray, reach for the Orbit Sunmate High-Rise Sprinkler.

Back at the great (formerly) white elephant on the edge of the prairie, the glacial lakebed soils of eastern Illinois were so fertile that you could just about grow ironwood by sticking a nail in the dirt. Not quite, of course, but anything that we did plant got big - and got big fast. As the plants grew, however, we needed to keep raising the sprinkler to make certain nearby plants didn't block water from reaching the ones farther away. At one time, we had jury-rigged a sprinkler sitting on an overturned 5-gallon bucket, held in place by bricks.

"There has to be a better solution," we thought - and soon found out that there is: it's the Orbit Sunmate 58288 3-Arm High-Rise Sprinkler. It's an ordinary three-arm twirly-type sprinkler mounted on a telescoping pole that extends to a three-foot height. That's tall enough that it can reach over most nearby plants to water an entire garden.

The all-brass head has three dog-legged arms about three inches long, each with a five-spot pattern of tiny holes in the end. There's also a hole at the bend in the arm, slightly off-center. The telescoping copper tube is mounted to a sturdy plastic foot with a double stake and pad for stomping the stakes into dry or clayey soil. The hose connection is a flow-through design: a female connection on one side and a male connection (with cap) on the other, so you can run multiple sprinklers in series.

Orbit claims a 25-foot radius with sufficient water pressure, I fully believe this because I have to keep the pressure quite low for the 20-foot square of my current garden on the Gulf Coast. Those three heads are aimed slightly upward to provide broader coverage, and the water falls in a nice, even patter. Spray coming through the holes in the arms sprays nearly vertically to water closer to the center of the circle.

Our Orbit High-Rise Sprinkler has lasted through summers in Illinois and Houston, and has proven durable and dependable. When the plants in our garden grow tall enough to block the spray from a sprinkler on the ground, out comes the Orbit.

Highly recommended.

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