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Oreck XL Platinum Vacuum Cleaner

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A Zooooming Vacuum Cleaner -- While It Worked! -- the Oreck XL Platinum

Jun 5, 2009 (Updated Sep 25, 2011)
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Pros:lightweight, easy to carry, 30-foot cord, 2 speeds, cleans multiple type surfaces well

Cons:no bag-full indicator light -- It unexpectedly died

The Bottom Line: This Oreck XL Platinum vacuum worked well until it died.

My trusty 15-year-old Oreck XL vacuum went to that great clean carpet in the sky.  I plugged it in, and the vacuum started to emit foul smoke and then died.  After some intense research, I bought the Oreck XL Platinum Vacuum Cleaner.  I can't believe how much the Oreck XL has evolved!


The Oreck XL Platinum is an upright vacuum cleaner with no attachments.  Oreck's premise is that a vacuum cleaner should be light, and attachments only add more weight to something that should be easy to maneuver.  So in addition to the upright vacuum cleaner, Oreck includes an Ultimate handheld vacuum that can hang from the shoulder via a strap, and it comes will multiple nozzle attachments for different cleaning jobs.

The Oreck XL Platinum only weighs 9 pounds.  The smaller handheld vacuum weighs 5 pounds.  The XL Platinum comes in a blue or red color scheme.  I own the blue, which is a medium-dark blue color with gray accents.  I wouldn't normally call a vacuum cleaner attractive, but this one has a nice look to it.  The vacuum also doesn't take up much storage space.

Concentrating on the XL Platinum, these are the main features:  it has 2 speeds, automatic carpet to hard floor adjustment, non-marring wheels, sound dampening technology, advanced HEPA filtration, it filters 99% of particles (down to .3 microns), Microban antimicrobial protection, disposable bags that lock shut to seal in the dirt, a 30-foot power cord, and twin LED headlights.

This vacuum has also earned the Arthritis Foundation's Ease-Of-Use commendation for its ergonomic handle design that reduces hand strain.

The machine comes with a User's Guide written in English, Spanish and French.  I bought my vacuum already assembled, but looking at the Guide, it appears that only the handle and cord clip need to be snapped into place.  No tools are required.  (The back of the vacuum outer bag has a large pocket at its base.  I keep the User's Guide and product receipt in the pocket so I always know where they are.)

*** Update September 25, 2011 ***

I'm inserting this update before you read the rest of my review.  This vacuum cleaner worked great until it unexpectly died.  Also, the power cord had begun to fray in one area (but not bad enough to cause a problem).  After the money spent on this Oreck, I'm not pleased.  Therefore, I'm having to adjust my rating to below average.  A vacuum like this should last much longer.  Below is my original review.

Cleaning Power

I am impressed with how well this vacuum cleans both carpet and hard floors.  My house has a mix of vacuuming surfaces: short-medium pile carpet, scatter rugs, as well as wood, ceramic and vinyl flooring.  We also have furry pets.  The house also sees a fair amount of dirty foot traffic between the yard and the house, too (we have several large gardens).

This vacuum has no trouble transiting from hard flooring to carpet.  Some of our carpets are not wall-to-wall, either, stopping several inches short of the wall.  The XL vacuum has a roller brush that sweeps at over 5,500 rotations per minute.  I can run this vacuum cleaner along the carpet and wood floor so that half the vacuum is straddling each surface, and the vacuum picks everything up on both types of floor covering.  I also like it that I don't have to vacuum the same area multiple times to remove debris.

The XL Platinum is also furniture and wall friendly.  The vacuum head has soft surfaces, so when furniture is bumped, the vacuum does not damage it.  I don't have stairs in my house, so I can't comment on how well it does them.

I have to mention the twin LED headlight.  When comparing the various XL models, the type of headlight on the vacuum was the last thing on my wish list.  It's a great feature, but in general I haven't been impressed with vacuum cleaner lights.  Well, the Platinum has changed my mind!  These LED lights are bright and illuminate the floor very well.  Unfortunately, now I can really see how dirty the floor is when I clean it!

Maneuverability & Cord Length

One reason I chose this Platinum edition of the XL vacuum is that it has a feature that reminds me of a self-propelled lawn mower.  Give the vacuum cleaner a push, and it drives itself forward; all I have to do is steer the vacuum and give it a bit of a push.  You still have to haul back on the vacuum to pull it toward you, but a slight push and the vacuum propels itself forward.  This is a great feature that reduces arm stress.

I like it that this vacuum cleaner also tilts backward so that it can glide beneath furniture such as beds, tables and chairs.  It makes cleaning easier.

The 30-foot cord is great.  The basic XL model only has a 25-foot cord.  That extra five feet is appreciated.  The more of a room I can vacuum without having to unplug and re-plug the vacuum, the happier I am.  There is a cord-wrap area at the back of the cleaner where the cord can be wound to keep it neat and out of way during storage.

This truly is a lightweight vacuum cleaner.  There is an oval shaped handle at the back of the vacuum for easy lifting.  I can grab this vacuum with one hand and easily carry it.  If you prefer to use two hands, it is simple to grab the top handle (near the on/off power switch), and the oval handle at the back.  The handle with the power switch is also comfortable to hold while vacuuming.

Noise & Speed Settings

Compared to other vacuum cleaners I have used, this one is definitely quieter.  The lower speed is the quietest.  However, even using this vacuum cleaner on the high speed, I have no trouble talking with family members who are nearby in the same room.

Both speeds on this cleaner are excellent.  The higher speed does pick up more debris and has a turbo-like feel to it.  I mostly use the higher speed in highly trafficked areas.

Bags, Drive Belts & HEPA Filtering System

This vacuum has a nice bag system.  According to Oreck, each bag is designed to hold the equivalent of four cups from a bagless-style vacuum cleaner.  The bag is easy to insert into the machine.  When it is time to remove the bag, it locks shut to hold in all the debris.  I never notice dust floating around when I use this vacuum cleaner.

There are two "bags" to this vacuum cleaner.  The HEPA-Celoc outer bag is designed to filter small dust particles.  The inside of the bag must be cleaned by periodically hand-washing the bag inside out or by vacuuming the inner bag.  It is recommended to change the disposable dust-collection bag once a month, even if it is not full.  Also, the disposable bag has a line on it (don't fill the bag above the line).

Changing the bag is easy.  Unzip the vacuum bag, and pull the cardboard collar to release the bag dock door.  Gently pull the collar upward and out.  To install the new bag, slide the cardboard collar onto the bag dock door, and close the door until it snaps into place.  Zip the outer bag closed.

It is recommended that the belt be replaced every six months.  An extra belt is stored in the base of the vacuum cleaner.  The User's Guide includes instructions to replace the belt.  Using a belt other than an Oreck brand belt will void the warranty on the machine.


I researched this vacuum on the internet and debated whether to purchase it via the Oreck website or through a local dealer.  Ultimately, I decided I wanted to try the vacuum cleaner in person, so I printed out all the "deals" from the Oreck website and went to the Oreck store. 

This XL Platinum vacuum retails for $799.95.  I was able to buy it at the sale price of $599.95.  Plus I received the small Ultimate Handheld Vacuum Cleaner, and a free package of vacuum cleaner bags.  Also, the website advertised receiving a free cordless iron, but after reading Epinions reviews of how horrible the iron was (and the Oreck sales person said you either love it or hate it), I opted to receive an additional package of vacuum bags.  I didn't need the iron anyway.

Trade-In - Important Info

One thing did upset me.  The Oreck dealer would have accepted my old broken Oreck vacuum cleaner as a trade-in.  I had searched the Oreck website and didn't see anything listed about trade-ins, and the day I went to the Oreck store, I had thrown away the old vacuum cleaner.  Ouch!  A flyer in the Oreck store mentioned up to $150.00 trade-in allowance.  If you buy from a local Oreck dealer and have a vacuum, phone them to see if they accept trade-ins.


For our family, this Oreck XL Platinum Vacuum Cleaner has a few bells and whistles that make it worth the extra money.  I'm hoping this vacuum cleaner will last for years.   (Note: Per my update above, this vacuum cleaner did not live up to expectations.  Despite moderate use and good care, it has stopped working.)

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy the day,

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Copyright 2009 Dawn L. Stewart

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