Ortho Molecular Products Ortho Molecular Reacted Iron 60 Capsules Supplement Reviews
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Ortho Molecular Products Ortho Molecular Reacted Iron 60 Capsules Supplement

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Iron That Doesn't Upset Your Tummy - Ortho Molecular Reacted Iron

Apr 13, 2009
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Pros:It's effective.  Works just like you think it would.

Cons:Price.  Ease of purchasing.

The Bottom Line: Highly recommend for those who are have a need to supplement their daily intake. 

For a handful of years, I have suffered from anemia.  It's not fun.  It's not pleasant.  Unfortunately, it's most likely hereditary and something that I will have to deal with for the rest of my life.

When a person has been diagnosed with an iron deficiency - factors like diet and other underlying illnesses are examined.  After that, the next logical step is to increase iron intake and most health personnel will recommend over the counter iron supplements.

Over the counter iron supplements tend to have the following effect on me (and in almost any dosage).

* Upsets my tummy
* Causes constipation
* May cause me to vomit

Sounds pleasant, doesn't it?

I have suffered with these side effects for awhile.  A couple of times, I have had to have outpatient services to have intravenous iron because that was the only way my body could tolerate the intake.

About six months ago, my health care professional finally found an over the counter iron supplement which does not cause me any side effects - Ortho Molecular Reacted Iron.

In addition, I end up taking less than when I was taking the other stuff.  Instead of taking up to three pills a day - I can get by with 1 dose.  My body ends up absorbing it appropriately (without any of these other nasty side-effects) and my monthly blood draws show that they are having a positive impact on my hemoglobin levels.

1 capsule provides 29mg (aka 161% of the recommended adult dosage).

So what's different about this particular product?  Why doesn't it cause me issues?  My dr. tells me it's because of the way the product is manufactured.  Something about it undergoing a "chelation" process (bonding the mineral to an amino acid and that process makes it easier for my body to absorb the iron without me having to suffer through the other stuff).

I'll be honest - I don't quite understand the concept but I do understand the reality of the outcome of taking this supplement vs. other over the counter iron supplements.  It's the only one I take - the only one I can tolerate - and the only one that seems to actually work (for me) as advertised.

The down side?  You can't purchase this from CVS, Walgreens, or Target.  You're going to have to either order it online, procure it from your health provider, or visit a specialty pharmacy/vitamin retail establishment.

Also, the price might deter you from purchasing.  A bottle of 60 will run approximately $11.  Other over the counter iron supplements are about half the price.  Of course for me, the price is a non-factor considering that the other over the counter products don't work for me.

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