Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer

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Sep 21, 2000
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Pros:Kills ants

Cons:Deadly to humans, birds and insects. Sickening smell

This deadly killer works in about 3 to seven days and effectly wipes out the fire ants that keep invading my yard.

With ten grandchildren playing at different times in the back yard and gigantic fire ant hill's dotting the landscape there is an attack waiting to happen.

The first time I bought Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer was after one of the grandchildren stepped into the ant bed, it was just being started by the ants. There were still more then enough ants doing battle on my grandson, I grabbed him up took him to the hose and washed all the ants away. He was bitten in numerous places. All the little pustules were on him later that day. He was miserable. He was given Benedryl and some caldryl lotion applied. He got over it very well but I didn't.

I wanted some kind of poison that I did not have to water in but could sprinkle on dry. The salesman told me to try Ortho Orthene Fire Ant Killer. I bought it and home I went. After I made sure that all my cat's were in the house I plotted through the backyard measuring and sprinkling.

I went back out a couple of days later and most of the hills were dead. This hasn't gotten rid of them completely but has really helped me to manage them.

I don't like to use poisons at all but feel that this is the best for me. I am not spraying it and only put it on the mounds. I don't like sprays as they usually kill other insects while it is killing the ants.

ACEPHATE(O,S-Dimethyl acetyphosphora-midothioate) by weight 75% Inert ingredients are 25%

The label says for best results to apply in the early morning or late afternoon when the ants are most active. I always apply late in the evening so I can make sure my cats are in for the day.

To treat sprinkle 2 teaspoons over each mound gently so as not to disturb the ants. Do not apply in a heavy dew or before a rain.

The company says that it is safe for children and pets after it has dried. I personally do not let the children or my pets out until all the powder is gone off the mound.

It is not safe for any edibles or growing plants that the fruit will be eaten.

This is poison pure and simple. Handle it carefully. Wear gloves and do not apply when the wind is blowing. Store in a locked cabinet. Wash hands throughly and in case of ingestion drink huge amounts of water and call doctor immediately.

There is a number for the doctor to call if he needs to. 1-800-457-2022


The other drawback is the smell. It has a sickening sweet smell that I hate. If you ever smell it you will always recognise it.

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