GE PT970DRBB Electric Oven

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Very nice oven-microwave.

Nov 21, 2008 (Updated Nov 26, 2008)
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Pros:Super fast  cooking. Attractive set.

Cons:If one goes bad beyond repair will have to replace both.

The Bottom Line: If limited space is your problem this item takes up less space than separate units. Very nice set-I recommend them.

We purchased this oven at Home Depot when they were going out of business in our town so we got a really good deal on it.
I have never owned a wall oven before and I love that feature of it.
I am concerned though that if something should happen to either component then I will have to purchase both items again. I hope they last a long time.

The microwave is super fast. If I am making a boxed item that says  cook for 2-3 1/2 minutes the 2 minutes is all that is necessary.I love the "reheat" feature on this oven If you put leftovers in and hit that button they usually are just right for eating when you remove them. I occasionally have to add 30 seconds but at any rate the "reheat" button gives a good start.

Another feature I love about the microwave is that the first 6 buttons are express cook buttons. That is-if you want one minute you just push the one and it cooks one minute-push 2 get 2 minutes etc. This is very handy. The only drawback is occasionally I am wanting to cook something for say 25 seconds and I forget to push timed cook first before pushing the 2 and 5 and as soon as I push the 2 it starts cooking and I have to hit cancel. This is just something I have to get used to because my old one didn't have this feature.

We installed our set 3 inches lower than they recommended because I am only 5'3" and I didn't like the idea  of trying to remove something hot from the microwave and not feeling I had full control. The wall oven is still much higher than a standard oven so this works out great for me. My advice if you are building one of these in is to take the height of the cook into consideration. If the cook is shorter then consider installing the oven lower as we did.

The oven does a wonderful job of cooking and it heats up super super fast. It takes maybe 5 minutes to heat to 425 degrees. I never had an oven that would heat that fast. And it heats very evenly. when baking cookies they seem to bake the same on both the upper and lower racks.

I used the self cleaning feature this past week and other than the smell it puts off with first time use I was completely satisfied. The instructions did warn that there would be a smell the first time so I would suggest if you can -wait until warm weather to use it the first time so you can have the windows open.

I use stainless steel wipes to clean the exterior and it looks like new-easy to care for.

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