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Graco 9261QB Pack 'n Play TotBloc Playard

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Great for taking naps :)

Jan 31, 2008
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Pros:Design and shape. Very roomy.

Cons:Very colorful..let child explore before napping.

The Bottom Line: I totally recommend this wonderful product.

When my son turned 2 and started going to the sitters house for daycare I was worried, where was he going to sleep? He used to go to daycare and they had a portable crib which he loved to nap in but the sitter didn't have those. I tried to think of what I was going to do.

My mother in law suggested I use this pack and play for his nap. She had purchased it when my son was first born thinking he would nap and play in it when she would watch him as a newborn. I wasn't sure he was going to like this idea. He never napped in a pack and play before. The pack and play I had in my house was way too small for him to sleep in. Also it was impossible to set up. My sister had given me this pack and play from when her children used it years ago. It was a very old model. So I figured I would try the one my mother in law had at her house.

This new one was fantastic. The size of it is a square instead of the typical rectangular shape of the usual pack and play. My son is on the bigger side and he needs a lot of room to roll around in. This one has plenty of him to turn over and stretch his legs if he needs to. He could also curl up in the corner and get cozy if he wants to.

This pack and play has wonderful colors and toys on it. One piece of advice is before you want your little one to sleep in it let him/her play in it prior to the day of you needing them to nap in it. Let them get used to all of the colors and toys so when you need them to nap they aren't busy seeing and playing the toys for the first time.

Over the summer I let my son play in it for about a week , no naps, before I brought it over to the sitters house. That seemed to have done the trick. He isn't overstimulated with the toys and colors because he was already used to them. It wasn't something new for him to discover.

The quilted pad on the bottom is great. It cleans up spills very easily. I do not put a sheet on it but it doesn't seem to really matter if there is one or not. I know the sitter gives him a little blanky and he is snoozing in 10 minutes. He usually goes down for about 2 hours in this pack and play. He must be pretty comfortable or else he would be up.

It was so easy to set up and take down. I was able to do it without the help of my husband. Usually I have no patience and give up in 5 minutes but this only took a couple of minutes. It comes with a travel bag to store it in. Plenty of room in it so you aren't squishing it in. It isn't very heavy either. I was able to carry it by myself.

Overall I highly recommend this pack and play. It was a wonderful solution for my child's napping needs.

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