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Graco 9261QB Pack 'n Play TotBloc Playard

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Busy Busy Baby

May 1, 2008 (Updated May 13, 2008)
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Pros:Great price, colorful, activities on each side


The Bottom Line: I recommend buying this over any pack and play for it is colorful and great in size and easy to travel with.

My Experience
This Pack and Play is the greatest invention for children known to man. When I describe how busy your child will be you will either agree or purchase this pack and play right away.My experience with this product has been nothing but non-stop appreciation for the company who made this product. My son has been busy since day one. He got this when he was only 6 months and this pack and play has over a million hours of mom needs to clean the house time let him play in here time. This is incredibly bright and busy all the time. My son loves his time during the day where he can independently play in a safe place where he can be a kid.

Why I Purchased It
I bought this product because the standard pack and plays these days are so small. No matter how many places I looked or how many pack and plays I looked at it never failed. By the time I thought about how long he could be in one of those before being uncomfortable with lack of space I found myself walking out the door in search for a new one. I bought this particular one on-line after hours of leg work trying to find something that was suitable for my son that he could enjoy. I bought it at target.com and I bought it for 75.00 plus shipping and handling. I could not have gotten a better deal. You can either pay high dollar for a small one or for a reasonable price you can buy something much bigger and more fun for your child.

Information and Use
This pack and play is in the shape of a large square leaving your child tons or room to roll, crawl, and bounce around. It has mesh sides with a colorful item on each and every side to keep your little one busy for hours. One one side there is a sun with a mirror in the middle for your little one to look at himself or better yet feel as if he is talking to someone else. He can watch himself play and make funny faces. The second side has a lady bug that when you apply pressure it has a squeaker in the middle to allow him to want to keep pressing on it for fun. On the third side is a butterfly that has wings that crinkle when touched. The sound will keep your child busy for ever. The third side has some kind of bug with jingle bells inside so that they can shake the wings and bat at them whatever they choose to do. Also the mat on the inside has several different objects on them all in different colors coordinating the pack and play itself. You also have plenty of room in each corner at the top to clip on some of the clip on leap frog toys so at each corner there is an activity.

Why I believe this product is so useful
This product has simply been a lifesaver for me and very much a playground for my son. He gets in and just goes from there. It has so much more room for him to play in without feeling cramped. He is now 19 months old and still has a blast just the same as he did at 6 months old. He still in both directions has plenty of room and then some when lying flat. He will fit in this and it is easy to put up it has easy directions under the mat. It is also great for travel and is awesome to put outside if you have some work to do or simply just want to keep your little one outside to enjoy the outdoors but be in the shade to protect he or she from the sun.... I give this a million thumbs up.

Product Information

This pack and play is made up with a polyester pad and contains mesh sides to prevent suffocation when pressed up against sides. This pack and play has the same material all the way around and is easily cleanable with a little warm washcloth with soap and water or some light cleaner. It is easy to disinfect when illness occurs and Lysol is gentle when sprayed on it. You can remove the pad from it and actually wet it down and give it a through cleaning without worries of messing up the fabric. Each toy on each of the four corners can be cleaned in the same fashion without any difficulties. I have been cleaning it once every two weeks myself just to ensure cleanliness and the color does not fade when cleaned multiple times. It also has a bag that comes to easily store which can be washed inside your washer in cold water and then hung to dry or air dried in your washer if you have that setting.

When putting together all you do is take out of the bag and pull the velcro aside and unfold the pad that goes in the center. Then open up the pack and play setting it down right and then pulling up on the center of each side locking all four sides in place once you have done that then you just reach in and gently press on the inside causing the pack and play to fully extend the bottom base then you have set it up properly by finishing off by placing the pad inside quilt block side up.

To disassemble you then need to first take the pad out of the inside bottom lay it aside and press the middle of each side allowing the sides to fold once you have done that there is a pulley in the center of the inside of the pack and play that you will pull to collapse. Once you have gotten it fully collapsed then you just take the inner pad and wrap it around it and sealing the Velcro and then placing unit back in bag. Simple as that takes about two minutes to put together and take apart and is good for on the move. Even taking outside.

The measurements of this pack and play are 38.0 x 38.0 x 30.5 (which is L X' W X' H)It is suitable for children up to thirty pounds or thirty four inches tall keeping in mind they are not capable of climbing out. Once they are then that is a major saftey issue and you should consider an alternative.

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