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Pacon Origami Asst D (PAC72230)

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Pacon Origami Paper, 55 Sheet Multi-Size pack of 20 Assorted Bright Colors

Nov 25, 2011
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Pros:Bright colors, good variety, origami project instructions included, easy to use.

Cons:More expensive than plain paper, but worth the difference.

The Bottom Line: Recommended for anyone who enjoys arts and crafts projects. It may cost more than plain paper, but is worth the difference.

I have always loved arts and crafts, and got my first origami kit as a Christmas gift when I was a kid. My brother and I each got one and had lots of fun creating whales, penguins, ships, and much more using nothing but paper. I enjoyed it as a kid and have enjoyed it ever since. For those who are unfamiliar with origami, it is the Japanese art of paper folding, and you can make many fun and interesting designs and shapes using origami.

I like the Pacon Origami Paper, and recently bought a package containing 55 sheets of 20 assorted bright solid colors. It includes a full range of blues, greens, yellows, pinks, purples, oranges, black, white, and even a gold and silver foil. The colors are bright and vibrant and there is a color for any origami project you can think of.

Pacon Origami Paper is recommended for anyone 6 years old and up. It is nontoxic though, so it is safe for anyone to use, even if they are too young to make origami crafts. Because it is often less expensive though, I usually keep a few pieces of construction paper or other colored paper on hand for the little ones to play with while the older children and adults are making origami projects. This way they can have fun doing what the big kids are doing, while saving money.

The 55 sheet pack of Pacon Origami Paper contains assorted sizes including 25 pieces that are 4 1/2 inches square, 20 pieces that are 6 3/4 inches square, and 10 pieces that are 9 3/4 inches square. Each sheet is brilliantly colored on both sides so that your finished projects look beautiful.

Pacon Origami Paper is made in Japan, which I guess is fitting since this is where Origami originated. Although you can make some origami crafts with other papers, it works best if you use a paper that is especially designed for origami because these papers are better suited for the task and your folds will be more accurate. 

The Pacon Origami Paper is a 30 pound weight paper, and to be honest, you could use most other 30 pound weight papers with good results. The main problem here lies in finding the variety of colors that you want, especially in quantities of just a sheet or two of each color. It does cost a bit more to buy the special papers, and if you don't mind making all of your projects in just one or two colors, you can probably buy other paper for less. Personally, I find it worth the price to get just the colors I need for my projects though.

There are some easy to follow origami instructions, complete with detailed diagrams, printed on the back of the package. You can use this paper with the included project patterns, or you can also use this along with Origami Planes That Fly or any other origami plans or instructions you may have. The possibilities are endless since you can easily find directions for a large variety of origami projects online in addition to the resources mentioned above, or use your imagination and make up your own projects.

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