Palm P700 Gel Roller Pen Fine Green Ink Green Barrel (PIL38613) Reviews

Palm P700 Gel Roller Pen Fine Green Ink Green Barrel (PIL38613)

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The Pilot P700 Green Ink Fine Point Gel Pen

Feb 13, 2005 (Updated Aug 22, 2007)
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Pros:Nothing really...

Cons:Hard plastic grip, no ink tank window, clogging issues

The Bottom Line: Only purchase if you are cheap and can't afford a pen that actually works.

There are so many different types of gel ink pens nowadays it can be a daunting task to find a style and design that works best. So to ease your pain and suffering, it should be known that the entire Pilot P700 Gel Ink series is horrible. The design of the pen is very rough and unstable, the roller ball application is just terrible, and the ink is of poor quality with an average shelf life equal to fruit.

Design Aspects

The Pilot P700 Green Ink Fine Point features green gel ink, a ribbed grip built into the bottom of the barrel, a 3 inch barrel which is barely filled with ink, and a fine tip roller ball application that clogs up on the crossing of every "t" and the dotting of every other "i". There is absolutely no way to see how much ink is actually left inside the pen. Granted the ribbed grip is somewhat transparent, this still doesn't give a clear window into the ink tank. The gel ink itself is somewhat dense, so even if you could see inside, the window would be clouded by ink stuck on the sides. If you're in the middle of taking notes and the pen runs out of ink or the roller ball fails (which happens alot), you'd be in serious trouble. The textured pattern is the only real positive aspect of the pen, as it easily allows you to see that it is a green pen.


The roller ball application supports a fine point (0.7mm size). Pilot also supports an extra fine point (0.5mm size) in the P500 series, however if the fine point series is this horrible I'd hate to see what happens with an extra fine point application. The biggest problem with this pen is the fact that it clogs up all the time. The gel ink is thick, thick enough to clog up the roller ball whenever a small amount of ink is left to dry on the tip. This problem can be corrected by cleaning the tip with a tissue or scrap piece of paper, but eventually you'll be pressing dried ink into the roller ball permanently disabling the pen for good. This clogging issue is brought on by the fact that the ink is waterproof and smearproof, thus it's hard for the ink to have a constant flow. I guess they forgot to mention that these features only work if the ink can actually come out of the pen to be applied.

More About Green

Because the entire Pilot P700 series is exactly the same, the only differences you'll find are the colors. You can choose from black, blue, red and green. This particular pen is green. For some reason the green pens actually perform worse than the other colors. This may have something to do with how the ink is manufactured or perhaps I received pens from a bad batch. I can't honestly see how the green pens could be used in any application. Green is not exactly a popular color, and when you are dealing with poor quality pens such as this, is makes it even hard to find a decent way to use them. I guess you could clean out your ears with the pen cap or doodle on scrap paper during study hall in school. Other than that, the green pens are simple a horrific product. These things should be taken off the market!

Available Packages

You can purchase the Pilot P700 Green Ink Fine Point in most retail stores that have an office or school supply section. Some of the more popular stores include: Staples, Office Max, Office Depot, Walmart and Target. The Pilot P700 Green Ink Fine Point can come as a single or double package and is also commonly found in the 4 color variety pack which includes black, blue, red and green. If you really love these pens you can also buy in bulk from various online stores. However if you do buy in bulk, order an extra 10% to make up for the ones that fail and are thrown away. Or better yet save your money and don't purchase these pens at all!

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