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A little pricey for 2004

Mar 22, 2004 (Updated Mar 22, 2004)
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Pros:Thin, Light, Bright Screen, Palm Universal Connector

Cons:Low 160x160 Resolution, 16mb Memory, OS4 instead of OS5, Pricey for today

The Bottom Line: Only get it if you want a word-processor with a backlight. Get a Zire or T|E.

Ive owned my Palm M515 for about a year now and i've enjoyed our time together but it seems we must part now in early 2004 as it has become outdated. The M515 was never the top of the Palm line and even now, its too much dough to flush out for what its worth.

In Short:
Ive decided to replace this with a Zire 71
because of its expanded capabilities and digital camera ;)

The Good:

Light, Thin, Bright and Readable screen, Graffiti 1, Comes with cradle, Palm Universal Connector, Stylish

The Bad:

Os 4 means searching for software compatable with the M515
Battery life - Short since it contantly turns itself on
Low Resolution - Not bad for business, but for most programs it is
Price - $150 will get a fairly decent Hi-Res palm
16MB Memory - A little low
Slow Processor - Many palms are much faster than this now
Lack of color in the built-in apps - Just a knack I guess
No speaker - Beep beep beep!


$150 (Average) for an m515 today. Thats about what I got mine for and I never regreted it. Look at the list of bad. For $150 thats what you get. Not that theres anything wrong with that. Its like comparing Windows 98 to Windows XP. For the same price of an m515 you can get a refurb Zire 71 or maybe find a nice cheap Clie!

If the price hasnt driven you away and youre still here... Lets get started then!

Palm m515 Uses

If you are looking for a cheap multimedia palm or something to view pictures on or listen to mp3s with, this isnt the palm for you. If you want to plas Kick-Butt games at high speed with amazing graphics, this is not the palm for you. I dont really know what group of people need a palm like this one but if you want a palm with the standard stuff a palm has (Such as an address book, to do list, date book, doodle pad) with a nice bright screen then you should get this. Also you look cool when youre typing on it with the keyboard out.

Yep, that it... Its a basic OS-4 palm with a bright screen.

Still havent turned away?
You must be interested in the shiny light

Capabilities and Compatability


One of things I hate most about the m515 is in today's palm-world some of the best programs (mainly games) cannot be found for low resolution and OS-4. If you plan to play games at all on your m515, prepare to play games like Risk, Billiards, and a whole lot of Solitaire! Sure it can support amazing games such as Warfare Incorperated (RTS based on Command And Conquer) and Master Theif (A First Person Shooter) but expect them to run very slowly and turn the sound off as it becomes more of an annoyance then an aid to the game.

Various Useful Applications

This is where this Palm shines. The Palm Ultra-Thin keyboard fits with this and you can download Documents To Go (around $50) and type your heart out in blazing... black and white. But, the screen is bright so I wouldnt bash it too much here. Date book also runs... well on the palm. Just as it should...

Os 4 and Low Resolution

Many programs, expecially the best of the best have ported their high end, High 320x320 resolution, Os-5 god-programs to the Low Resulotion, Os-4 Palms without taking away too much. You should have no problem downloading programs if they are of any use (In other words, if your are not looking for a game or various media, you should probably find a compatable version for your palm)

Speaker or should I say... Sound and Video

This is not a media palm, do not expect to play Mp3s... Do not expect to play Wavs without great effort. You can play Wavs and Midis with various 3rd party software but I think I would rather listen to those annoying cell phone ringtones for hours. As for video, they play. Thats about it. With Low Resolution you cant fix much there. If you find a picture program that zooms in then viewing pictures should work 'fine' (I take no responsablility if you buy this palm to view pictures and it comes out terribly below your standards.)

Conclusions and Recommendations

This is probably not the palm for you. Its almost in the form of a down-graded business palm. The standards of today's palm market are just too high to accept the m515 for over $100. People, now, expect headphone jacks and digital cameras and most of all High Resolution! All of which the m515 fails to offer them. I do not even recommend it as a 'Beginner Palm' or someones first palm. Here is what I recommend instead of the m515:

If you need a nice, cheap, hi-res business palm - Tungsten E ($150-$199)

If you want to play awesome games and get a digital camera - Zire 71 ($150-$249)

Take my advice, this was acceptable in 2003 but not 2004!

Thank You for reading!

~ GPolice

Recommend this product? No

Amount Paid (US$): 152
Recommended for: Beginners - Simple and Easy to Use

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