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My spoons don't rest, they stand - with the Pampered Chef Spoon Rest

Mar 19, 2005 (Updated Jun 10, 2005)
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Pros:space efficient, dishwasher safe, spoons stand instead of laying down, nice style

Cons:does come apart when you move it holding the upper portion for first few months

The Bottom Line: I do recommend the Pampered Chef Spoon Rest because it is by far the best spoon rest I have found to date.

Pampered Chef Spoon Rest (*****Update at bottom*****)

I love Pampered Chef products – and have found a use for many of them in my home. Some of the products in the catalog are things that would sit in a drawer and get saved for a special occasion so I have avoided buying them. But I have invested in several things that I use very often and the Pampered Chef Spoon Rest is one of them.

I read both reviews posted on this product before deciding to write this opinion and I have to say that I cannot offer anything new about the design or use of this item, but my opinion of it is extremely different. I DO think this product is a must have – at least in my household. In fact, I recently placed an order for a second one. While I don’t think everyone should have two, my house does need another, so…


The Pampered Chef Spoon Rest is a simple stoneware dish about 3 inches in diameter that rests in a two-piece, stainless steel frame. The dish and frame allow the spoon to rest in the stoneware while the handle stands up and leans into the frame. All pieces of the spoon rest are in fact dishwasher safe and made of high quality materials.

All Pampered Chef products are sold exclusively through independent consultants and come with a money back guarantee that can be better described by the consultant. (As I don’t want to misquote anything…) You can go the for a consultant locator to be put in touch with a consultant near you.

The Pampered Chef Spoon Rest, item #1678, retails at $10.00, plus local sales tax and a shipping fee. When purchasing from a party, shipping is a flat amount per order form – or as an individual order it is a percentage of the retail total. I’ve seen the Spoon Rest referred to as the cheapest item in the catalog, which I highly disagree with. There are many small kitchen tools available under $10.00. There are many higher priced items as well for baking and cooking, but they are larger items so the higher price is expected. For a general kitchen tool, the Spoon Rest is reasonably priced, and among the less expensive Pampered Chef items.

In my home, I personally do all of the cooking. Especially since my husband’s favorite kitchen tool is the phone, with which he calls for take-out. I generally am also on clean up detail for the kitchen in the evenings as well. As a stay-at-home mom, I cook three meals a day almost 7 days a week. On occasion we get to eat out for lunch, but my kitchen sees a lot of action. I have always been one to use the counter as a big spoon rest, and I’ve done so for many reasons:

1 – It’s there so why not?
2 – I never found a spoon rest that wasn’t bulky or cheesy plastic.
3 – The few spoon rests I tried were either too big or too small for my spoons and it seemed more of a hassle to use and clean than just going back to the counter.

My poor husband, however, has asked me more than once if I can please find a method other than the counter. He complains that it is too messy, and frankly gross, no matter how clean you get the counter every night. He is just grossed out by it. It seemed that the mess always grew out from where I tried to keep it. Using a paper towel or paper plate, as he often suggested, got the spoon stuck just enough to be annoying when I needed it to stir. I found the paper towel staying with the spoon half way to the pan and then falling and making a bigger mess. (The man’s solution is to use a hand while removing the spoon – but I am a one-handed chef as I usually have more than one thing going at any one time and can’t afford to focus that much attention simply to picking up a spoon.) Hence, my process of dealing with a messy counter and wiping it all up later.

My Experience

When I saw the Pampered Chef Spoon Rest in the catalog, the first thing that appealed to me was that this one holds the spoon upright. I have never seen one that rests a spoon this way and it intrigued me. The style and white stoneware was easy on the eyes and would work well in my kitchen and the price was right. Since my husband had been complaining of this issue for some time, I decided to get one. I even got to write it off as an item I was purchasing for him since it was for his benefit and I didn’t see the need for anything more than the counter myself.

I’ve had this product now for almost 6 months and I have used it at least once every day! After using it just a few times, I realized just how much I needed this in my kitchen. Because it stands the spoon up, more of my counter is available for prep work or just to be clear. It is certainly not cumbersome so it’s easier on the eyes. It also keeps my dripping mess to a small circle instead of letting it spread all over the counter. Clean up is a snap. The stoneware dish lifts out and rinses clean in the sink. I usually only run it through the dishwasher once a week on general principle for disinfecting. Because the clean up is so easy, it is always available for the next meal.

Another thing I like about the Pampered Chef Spoon Rest are is the way that it works with any spoon. While it does go very nicely with the Pampered Chef spoons – including my favorite Bamboo Spoon collection – every spoon, spatula, whisk, ladle, and turning fork I own fits into it very nicely. Even my silverware sets into it because the resting bar in the middle of the upright frame is perfect height. The top of the frame is curved outward for the larger spoon handles but even if the utensil doesn’t reach the curve, it has a place to rest. I often have two utensils resting in it during dinner preparation, so it is able to handle more than one.

One issue…

The only problem I have noticed with this spoon rest is it’s tendency to come apart during relocation. Because it stands up, my first reaction is to grab it by the upper part of the frame to move it to the counter or table, but the top part just pulls out of the bottom and you are usually left with a mess of whatever was resting in the dish all over the place. The product could be improved by adding an interlocking mechanism. For now I am content to just pick it up by the bottom and move it when need be. It was all a part of the learning curve with this product.


As for ordering my second Pampered Chef Spoon Rest, I found my first one migrating over to the coffee station where my husband makes coffee every morning. Instead of coffee stained counters and paper towels stuck to sugary spoons that get left for me to clean up, he has grown quite comfortable in using the spoon rest for himself. Having a second one will make my life easier and keep my kitchen cleaner.

Overall, I do think everyone should at least look into a standing spoon rest. This was the first one I saw and I fell in love with it so I would have no reason to search out a different brand. Pampered Chef makes quality kitchen products and I would highly recommend their Spoon Rest. I really didn’t think I would need or want this product, especially as a counter rester myself, but it surprised me and I am glad I spent my $10 so wisely (and made hubby happy all at once!) It contains my mess and is more space efficient than any other spoon rest I’ve seen. It may not be a must have in EVERY kitchen, but it is in mine!]

Thanks for Reading!!
God Bless!


Well, in the course of the last month or so, I have noticed that the frame does not come apart anymore as it used to when picking it up by the back. I know that I have taken it apart a few times but have not put it in the dishwasher and maybe that has to do with it. Maybe not. I have no idea. But I do know that it seems to have settled into itself and does not come apart when I have to change it's position or pick it up at all. (Even with spoons on it.) My biggest gripe about this product has been nullified. I am officially 100% tickled pink with both of my Pampered Chef Spoon Rests. - Thanks for reading the update!


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