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Ahhh fresh clean powder scent but OOP watch where that dripping poop went!

Apr 28, 2004
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Pros:Smells great, works through the night, fits like a $6,000.00 tailored suit.

Cons:Slightly more expensive. poop can sneak up and out the back side.

The Bottom Line: If I have to leave Pampers Swaddlers it will be against my will. I love the smell, the fit, the protection (mostly).

I have to admit that Korah has had ear infections on and off now for about three and a half weeks. {This does relate to review. Hang in there.}We finally found the right antibiotics that fought it off and now she is doing great. However, the meds have again left her tummy without the ability to form a solid poop. Not a real big ‘whoop’. Unless of course, you are using Pampers Swaddlers.

First off, I love these diapers. So this is a difficult review for me to write. *sniffle* Tears do not form for this, but I really hate to do this to a product I enjoy using. I will explain why.

My daughter was born with Strep B. I’ll try to keep this part short for those whom already knows the story. She was on two weeks of strong antibiotics in the NICU. Because of these antibiotics her stomach was unable to produce the enzymes it needed to basically digest her formula properly and process her stool correctly. The result, excess diarrhea and a jumbo bag of diappes *that’s not a typo, it’s how we say it in our house* every week.

Now, although I LOVE love, love Pampers Swaddlers and let me again stress that I love these diapers, they do me no justice when it comes to holding in Korah’s leaky, reaky, poopies. I’m certain my daughter appreciates the leakage though. This means extra play time in the tub for her.

Honestly I’m not to certain if there are any diapers in this world now days that can catch all that she can put out in times like these. Not unless you wrap them up in that most famous, universal, Da Vinci’s cradle holdin’ duct tape. (read review)
Aww honey, what I’ve always wanted! My baby’s cradle covered in duct tape. If it can hold a bed together, it can hold a little ‘stool’ together. *nudging you* Get it? Huh? Get it?

Let’s both get beyond that though because you know as well as I do that they only do that in movies. I’m not about to wrap duct tape around my baby’s butt unless Steven Spielberg is paying 2.5 million dollars.

Let’s talk about the designs on the diapers. Cute, adorable cartoon Muppets on front and back. In fact, my husband thought Pampers manufactured the diappes wrong. The first time he put the diaper on Korah he said “Hey, they screwed up the diaper and put the tabs on the back!” Because there is even a design on the back, top side of the diaper. Now isn’t that cute! The Muppets on the front vary. It can either be Ernie with soccer balls, Big Bird with Music Notes, Cookie Monster with Apple Sauce, Elmo with Sunshine Grover with footballs.

*Hey, wait, did she just say “Cookie Monster with apple sauce?”* Yes, that’s right, I did. I was testing you to see if you were paying attention. Of course Cookie Monster isn’t with Apple Sauce! Why, that would be a …..Monstrosity! He’s really with his cookies.
You and I wouldn’t want Cookie Monster losing his cookies, now would we?

And speaking of losing his cookies, (or is the term ‘tossing your cookies?’) that brings me to another de-TAIL about Pampers Swaddlers that you may not know. Pampers Swaddlers is the only diaper that I have found that smells like baby powder. I don’t actually have to put powder on Korah for her to smell like I have just bathed her. We can spend the day shopping, pop into grandma’s for a moment and grandma will think we have just came over after a bath. Imagine my embarrassment when I had to tell my mother-in-law that she smelled my baby’s butt and not her fresh washed skin.

It wasn’t that dramatic, really. I just simply said it was her diappe. Her response was, ”Her WHAT?”

I said. Her diaper mom. It smells like baby powder.

Followed by Oh! Well then that explains why you smell so clean. Then Grandma begins to coo and babble while Korah blows raspberries ands sticks her tongue out to the left side of her mouth.

Okay, now that I think about that. I wonder if she was implying that the only reason why she smells good IS ONLY because of Pampers Swaddlers. *shakes head* Not going to go there.

Getting “back” to the diapers.

The Muppets who happen to be on the back of the diapers are Elmo and Zoe. They are stand beside each other with their arms over each other’s shoulder, waving at you with a heart over their head.. You have got to ask yourself, who are they waving at? My baby may be able to do the limbo rather soon, but she will probably not be look up at her back side to often to see these to waving hello (or good bye) to her. My guess is, they are waving Hello (or good bye again) to that extra $2.00 that Pampers Swaddlers cost over the other brands of diappes.

About other diapers, I’m can recommended [ these other ]diapers for other reasons. But I am not going to run out and buy a different bag of diapers just because my daughter looses the ability to ‘tighten her stools’. That obviously would not make sense. I might try to get my husband to do it though.

Imagine waking at 3:00 in the morning to your wife saying “Honey, the baby has diarrhea. Can you go to the store for a bag of diapers?”

Husband opens one eye. Eye functions at 22% “Did you just buy a bag yesterday?” He asks with morning breath, crusties in his eyes, fuzzies in his hair and drool still hanging from his chin.

”Yes, but those are just for peeing in and for when her poop is formed into lumps.”

Now husband looks at you with a death wish. One eye still closed, eye brow over partially opened eye arched as if frozen in one position. You begin to reconsider your options. Do you really need him to go to the store at this hour? Would you like to see the sun rise one more morning?

So, the best things we have about the diapers are

(in ranking order)

1) Urine protection is substantial for overnight protection

2) Cloth like material

3) Stretch is tremendous, tabs can overlap, stick together

4) The scent

5) Cute designs on front and back.

Problem leakage area for my daughter’s stools when she has been on antibiotics has always been from the upper backside. It has never been from the front or from the leg area.

Pampers Swaddlers has a barrier at the legs to prevent leaks as well as two rows of elastic. This offers outstanding protection. And as I stated, there have NEVER been any leaks in this area.

There are no night time wetness leaks even when she sleeps from 9:30 to 8:00. Her clothes and her bedding are still as dry as when she was laid to bed. Her skin though, I can’t say the same about. I always have to clean her bottom off well and dry her before rediapering. It’s kind of an inconvenient time for this to be happening too. Seeing has how she has slept all night, she is hungry and wants a bottle NOW. No time for mom to be picky about some wee wee.

ố quick diapering lesson ố

~PlacePampers Swaddlersand baby wipes on flat surface~

~Adjust swimming goggles and nose plug (for the inexperienced)~

~Fold two towels~

~Place one folded towel onto flat surface

~Tuck hair into swimmers cap~

~Practice dodging with spouse shooting at you with water gun.~

~Lay infant on top of folded towel, on top of flat surface~

~have extra folded towel handy in case cold air promotes bladder spasm~

~remove diappe~

~clean baby’s bottom with wipes~

~Look out! Cold wipes prompt urine attack~

~Clean ‘unsweetened, lemon colored’ water off face, arms, clothes, table
swimming cap, goggles, spouse, wall and baby~

~Clean baby’s bottom again with wipes~

~Diaper baby’s bottom with Pampers Swaddlers scented with fresh
baby powder scent.~

~Mission Completed~

See how simple?!

Baby is clean, smells clean, will be pee free for another 15 minutes and poop free for at least another hour. Sit back relax or enjoy a fun filled game of Dodge ball with your spouse to gain more hyper reflex speed. Without a need to worry about leaks, you will not be doing this again for an average of 90 to 120 minutes.

Pampers Swaddlers comes in Newborn Size, Size 1 ( 8 – 14 lbs) and Size 2 ( 12 – 18 lbs)

Material is breathable so baby’s skin will never feel hot and icky from being trapped inside a ‘plastic’ or vinyl diaper.

Pampers Swaddlers are disposable diapers. And they are called Swaddlers because they fit snuggly around your precious baby. No matter what his/her proportions are, these diapers will fit! Believe me, Korah’s legs are rolling pins with clumps of dough stuck to them! And her tummy looks like she is a stuffed turkey at Thanksgiving. Her little bottom has so many dimples you think we sat around playing dot to dot. But Pampers Swaddlers fit without leaving red lines, tight marks, elastic grooves or cloth burns around her legs or tummy. They are just designed to fit any type of infants body. Proof is in the fact that the hospital even uses these in the NICU. It’s hard to find diapers to fit those little babies. And even Pampers Swaddlers can’t perfectly fit ALL of them. But they fit better than any other brand of diappes out there.

Now, the problem some people have with Pampers Swaddlers (and other disposable diapers) is that they are toxic to animals. I’ve read that a pup has died by eating on one. *Yuck*! It should have been disposed of properly but nonetheless, disposing of these things is the problem.

This is a quote from an article I read online……

”In 1990, 18 billion disposables were thrown into United States landfills. Is it wise to use 3.4 billion gallons of oil and over 250,000 trees a year to manufacture disposables that end up in our already overburdened landfills?”…..

So if you are absolutely certain that Pampers Swaddlers is the right diaper for your baby, please keep these ^chocolate look alikes^ *shiver* away from your pooch. We really wouldn’t want anything like that to happen again.

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