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Nov 19, 2004
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My 2 year old Panasonic RV32 DVD player just died recently, and displayed an "H07" error code. I checked the user manual, and the Panasonic sites, but got no help...

Then I Googled "Panasonic+DVD+H07" and came across thousands of posts about this problem. It looks like it is a fairly common problem with the Motor spindle and costs heaps to repair. Panasonic do not acknowledge that this is a general problem, and have not issued a product recall.

There are a few work arounds posted on the net, like oiling the motor or cleaning the lens, but neither worked for me.

I contacted Panasonic, and was told that I was out of warranty, so needed to get it repaired myself. I won't be wasting any money on that route, but need to know if this problem is as common as it appears to be. If so, maybe we have grounds for a case against the manufacturer.

I have set up an MSN group called "H07 Hunters" to try and see how many genuine victims there are out there.

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