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Jan 5, 2012
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Pros:Does the job well, even or several days growth.

Cons:Pop-up trimmer is narrower than I'd like.

The Bottom Line: Great value - Recommended

First some background.  I was a satisfied, long time Remington Shaver user.  Their old reliable plug-in 4M3 shaver always did the job, and required minimal maintenance.  Alas, nothing good lasts forever, and replacement parts for this good ol' workhorse were no longer available.
Hence a year ago, finding myself on a quest for a replacement, I read through a bunch of reviews, and bought another Remington shaver, the Titanium MS2-390.  That shaver was a disappointment from day one.  To my mind, given my past satisfaction, the new shaver was not worthy of the brand.  I wrote to Remington of my dissatisfaction and lamented that I'd be happier going back to my old 4M3, if only I could.  I got a note back saying that they would take my comments into consideration for future product development.  Well gee, thanks (I guess).
My beard comes in pretty heavy, and though I should *probably* shave twice a day, or at least every day, some weekends I can't be bothered.  When I pressed my new shaver to the task of cleaning me up for civilization, I found that I had to use the pop-up trimmer over my whole face first as prep before I dared use the regular part of the shaver, lest I catch and pull each hair painfully from my face.  This was time consuming and frustrating, and left the internal guts of the shaver full of hair.  I had to regularly dismantle the darned thing to clean it out so the 'pop up' trimmer would close properly again.  I soon discovered that the little plastic flexi-bits weren't up to the routine dismantling and reassembly, and just a year into use, the 'new' Remington shaver was just a useless collection of parts.  *grumble*
So back to the review sites I went, looking to find another brand of shaver that folks were happy with.  I was surprised to see the Panasonic brand appearing with regularity in user-satisfaction under shavers.  During this year's boxing-week sales, I stumbled on the Panasonic ES-GA21 for just $70.  I picked one up, just hoping I could make-do with it while continuing my quest for a 'good' shaver.
What a pleasant surprise this little unit is!  I'd anticipated first needing to use the pop-up trimmer, as I did with the Remington, so started off that way.  Sure it worked, but I quickly discovered this to be quite unnecessary.  There was almost no tugging as the shaver made quick and painless work of several-days growth.  I was wowed!  And cleanup of the shaver was a breeze.  I'm so glad to have found this little gem.  It weighs nothing, but it works great.  I think my search is finally over.
Two thumbs up from me!

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