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Panasonic HDC-SD9 Camcorder - Silver

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The Flipside of Review Number One

Sep 26, 2008 (Updated Sep 26, 2008)
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Pros:The supplied software WORKS and is fairly intuitive.

Cons:Have a lot of computer to make HD work.

The Bottom Line: This camera and it's software works as advertised (Very Well) Great footage but inporting and editing HD requires  a lot of computer horsepower to work well.

The images captured by this camera are just incrediable. Great color, Bright tight video and surprisingly good audio from such a small camera.
Panasonic has packed a lot of technology into this small package......

That said lets deal with the issue of importing and editing on a PC, (not a MAC) Maybe I'll do that later.

The software supplied (HD Writer 2.5E) WORKS!!! If you have enough computer. You will not be able to leapfrog into HD without a lot of PC power.
Using a HP 9000 series laptop, with core 2 duo and 2 gig of memory the software worked flawlessly... the first time.

The video stream was converted and mounted on a simple clips panel, ready for assembly. Note... I said assembly here. This software isn't more than a simple assembly editing program. Enough for many peoples needs. Clips can be clipped and useless images deleted and they can be re-arranged to your desired order.
When you think you've got it you can review your work. Good thing because the final steps take some time.

So now you've got your video ready to burn to a DVD. Careful here or you'll find the defaults will burn a DVD that can only be read by a Blu-Ray player. Change the defaults to Standard definition or HD if you have the player. (I use Standard right now as most people don't have a HD or BluRay player).
Use "GOOD" media and click on the disk burn button and go make a meal or read a short story. 30 minutes of final video takes about 90 minutes to render and burn. Why? There is a lot going on inside your computer. (NO Tech talk here).
My first Standard Def DVD played on a OLD Sansui DVD player feedind a 40 inch Samsung LCD and the video blew the socks off my audience.
I burned a HD disk next (took abiut the same time) and played it on a LG player and (REALLY BLEW THEIR SOCKS OFF!!!!).
The HD DVD was equal to the direct feed to the TV from the camera using the component cables (supplied with the camera and another subject).
I believe this is one of the best consumer cameras on the market today and it's footage is very close to the three chip ENG cameras I've used. Much better than analog and if you have the right computer hardware the results will thrill you.

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