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Papermate 65000: Clickster Mechanical Pencil (071641650008)

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They’re ok, but the Bics are better

Jan 13, 2006 (Updated Jan 26, 2013)
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Pros:Mechanical pencils are neater for writing and these look good.

Cons:Not as comfortable nor write as well as the Bics

The Bottom Line: They’re ok but the Bics are better

I&#146ve used mechanical pencils throughout my business career. They have several advantages from a business standpoint:

1. They are easier to use. No sharpening at all &#150 until the lead runs out and then you refill the lead.

2. They write much more neatly than regular pencils, especially after the regular pencils become blunt.

and, for some mechanical pencils, like these,

3. They can have a nice look to them, too.

These particular pencils come in 6-packs. Office depot is currently showing them for $3.89 and they are sometimes subject to sales or rebate promotions that can lower the price even more. The multi packs come in colors of red, blue, green and smoke. The lead advances by clicking the side of the barrel. Each also comes with an eraser, but I&#146ve never seen refill packages of erasers.

That having been said, these pencils do an adequate job and I do use them. However, this particular model has some flaws compared to my favorites, the Bic Gripper.

First, the lead on this pencil breaks more frequently than the Bics, which means it does not last as long. I don&#146t know why &#150 it&#146s something I&#146ve observed over many pencils of each brand.

Next, the lead on this pencil does not write as dark as the Bics. Sure, neatness is important, but readability is as well, particularly when I&#146m writing memos or edits for my colleagues or musical exercises for my students.

Lastly, there is the grip advance. The side advance just doesn&#146t feel comfortable. I&#146ve noticed that the vendor attempted to improve this model by increasing the clickable area for advancing by adding a little disk to the top of the lever.

I don&#146t know why, but the Bics, with the advance at the top clicked like a pen, are much more comfortable. I suppose it&#146s a matter of preference. I don&#146t mind dealing with the various advance mechanisms on the more expensive mechanical pencils like Cross and the other brands, but for some reason I dislike the side advance.

The one advantage of this model vs the Bics is that they look better.

But, on balance, these are ok, worth buying if there&#146s a good sale, but the Bics will be my first choice.

Thanks for reading. God bless!

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