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Papermate 65000: Clickster Mechanical Pencil (071641650008)

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Decent Enough

Mar 19, 2006
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Pros:average sharpness, good erasing, interesting lead advancer, cool looks

Cons:lead breaks easily, eraser goes off quick, only average sharpness

The Bottom Line: The Paper-Mate Clickster Pencils are highly recommended for general office and school use.

Out of all the office supplies out there, pencils are my favorite. No I don't care for ink bloting pens. No, I don't care for unsharp erase pens. No, I don't like dry markers. But what I do like are pencils, best of all, they can be used forever as long as their mechanical and you have a lead supply. I came across these in a Papermate Pen package that came with 4 eraseable pens and 2 of these Clickster Mechanical Pencils, and they were definitely worth a shot since they were on extreme clearance at Osco Drug for under a dollar, even if they were below average they probably would've been worth it.

The Clickster Mechanical Pencil

Ah...Papermate. I've trusted them for a string of office supplies from pencils to pens to markers to paper to just about anything you can imagine they would ever make. I love the mechanical type of pencil in particular because they last longer, don't need sharping, and they write clearer; really the only time I would rather have a basic wood pencil would be for drawing and shading. The Clicksters come in blue, smoke, green, red, and recently yellow and purple. I was a little scared about these, I bought them in the past a few years ago and mainly avoided them because usually the lead advancer broke; either the button was pushed too fari nto the pencil or the lead would come out wrong is if it were too small for the pencil, but I do see some improvements in the advancer this time around.


The pencil has a lead advancer on the grip, for some this could get awhile to get used to since most mechanicals have their advancer on the top and you just press the eraser. So far it doesn't feel too flimsy and it's not too hard to press, some of the ones on the eraser are hard to press because they're either shaped in a weird way or something is mechanically wrong (haha, that's the name "mechanical" pencil for you).

The lead that came with the pencil is nothing advanced which is what I would expect. As far as writing goes it is below average to average. It's not very sharp, and when you press harder to get a dark image you're pretty much left with the same gray color rather than a true "changed" gray. I've tried other lead and nothing seems to stop this, I'm not sure if it has to do with the way it's built or the way you have to hold it, but it makes it pretty poor for drawing, maping, or really anything needed for a true dark gray color. Another thing I should mention is that the lead brakes off pretty easily, not a whole lot to complain about but it sure gets annoying after some time. The pencil has no mention of a lead maximizer or anything about keeping lead usage longer, if you want that I'd recommend an expensive mechanical pencil such as the Pentel e.Sharp.

The eraser is pretty good and the only complaint I have is that is uses up pretty quickly, a few erases here and a few there you might not have an eraser much longer. But, it does do it's job, regardless of how long it lasts, and it's way above average when it comes to smearing.

It also has a pocket grip at the end, it's not really flimsy and does it's job.


I won't go in much detail since I got these on clearance and most likely you will not find these for under a dollar anywhere. If my memory serves me correctly, they are around $3 a pack and usually has 3 or 4 pencils in them, which is around 75 cents to a dollar for every pencil, not a bad deal in my opinion, in fact it's pretty cheap.

The Bottom Line

Papermate's Clickster mechanical pencils are pretty much recommended for everyone as long as you aren't doing any mapping or drawing. The sharpness is average (or decent enough for writing), the eraser is good, the lead advancer is easier to use, and the price is something that is difficult to beat. Sure the lead breaks off easily and the eraser goes out quick, but these are easily replaceable. If your looking for inexpensive mechanical pencils for general office or school use, the Paper-Mate Clickster Pencils are a fantasic choice.

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